Monday, January 2, 2017

The Night before the School Opens

This is a scene from our local barbershop.

It was packed to the brim with schoolboys, all looking to trim their hair short, lest they all be scolded by the Headmaster at school tomorrow. 

Then there was Zayd. He's not enrolled for school yet. But his hair was a tad long-ish. And since there was too much hype about Kakak going school, we'd thought why not give him the Back-to-School experience. So waited we did. Among all the young lads. And their departed hair on the tiled floor.

It was quite fun, actually. First timer here. Since we had never sent a son to school yet, we completely overlooked this. Looks like starting next year, when Zayd starts school at age 5, this will be the must-do routine before school starts. Wow... a tradition in the making. Haha!

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