Wednesday, January 4, 2017

My Little Artsy Fartsy

Aisyah is such an artsy fartsy kinda girl. Here is her, sewing a felt Monkey. She is totally in her elements when she is doing crafts. Which is the complete opposite of me. I am a total klutz, and not nearly as coordinated enough to do crafts. Drawing and sketching, I can relate, but sewing, and knitting, and origami??? (Aisyah's fav, that).

Well, let's just agree that she has her late Nek Mi's talents. Which skipped a generation (read: me).

But seriously, Aisyah's pic here sewing reminds me a lot of my late Mom. She was a seamstress, and so many nights were spent in the same position as Aisyah here. Bent over the fabric, patiently, yet so gracefully pulling the needle and thread through. 

God, how I miss her.

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