Sunday, January 22, 2017

January Birthdays

Last night, we celebrated my niece, Husna's and my step-brother, Alief's birthdays. Both were born on the 20th and 22nd January respectively. Husna turns 4, while Alief 16. Very challengeing for me to find pressies for a young men, I must say. In the end we got him a sling bag and several toilettries (essential for those young men hormones haha). I thought I was hip but apparently I have no clue about what teenagers these days are into.. (?). As for Husna, it was a breeze. The moment I walked into this gown shop I knew which dress to get her.  The fabric, colour and cut reminded me of the little three-year-old Aisyah whom I missed so much. Since it practically jumped in front of me and pulled me by the hand, that was that - sold. Isn't it weird how you can miss someone who is right in front of your eye (literally - Aisyah is sprawled on the floor in front of me, watching YT on her tab, what else?). But yeah, I do miss her toddler self, and certainly miss buying her cute frilly gowns and dresses... She lives in skinny jeggings and T-shirt now, with the exception of the occasional dress depending on the event. How time flies...

When we got there, the party was already in motion. The guys were BBQing out the back, the ladies minding the children and setting up the table with food. It was a simple 'do with close family members, but it was a hoot with the children. Definitely the best party of the year (thus far, it is still January, after all, hehe). Here's to more parties with families in the future!!!

Happy Birthday, Husna and Alief!

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