Monday, January 9, 2017

Impart Depart

Yesterday afternoon (8 January 2017 - a Sunday!) I had to be on invigilating duty. My own paper, SKM4311 (Animation for Multimedia Production) was on, and apparently it was the last exam paper scheduled for this semester. Tried to convert the solid two hours of utter silence into something useful such as reviewing postgrad students' written work and the Final Year Project students' theses (but two hours was not enough). Who says lecturer goyang kaki saja? Weekend pun kena kerja tau T_T

Towards the end of the two hours nobody had left the exam hall (it was a handful paper, I admit). Which was quite a coincidence, as one of the students put up his hand and whispered to me if I could take a pic of them in the exam hall - one last time. Then it dawned upon me, these were final year students, sitting their very last paper EVER, in their whole career as an undergraduate student. I obliged, seeing the significance of the moment. And of course, me being me, I went a bit further and asked them all for an impromptu pic session outside of the building right after the exam finished.

So here we are. The SKM4311 students of Semester 1 2016/17. Multimedia students Cohort 2013/2014. The next time I'll see them, they will be in shirt and ties, in a much more formal setting, doing their Industrial Practice outside of UPM. Hopefully I have managed to impart some useful knowledge to them, before they depart to face the real world and the challenges it will bring.

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