Wednesday, January 25, 2017


Training the 9-year old to fold her own clothes. She is sulking in this pic because she had been very upset with herself for not being able to fold her clothes properly. Moreover, she was frustrated that she had so many clothes to deal with. That sounded like a right spoiled child, so I dropped everything I was doing at the time (more laundry, TBH), sat next to her on the floor, lectured to her about how blessed we are to have many clothes to wear and choose from, and then re-taught her how to fold clothes properly so they would fit her wardrobe. In the end, she managed to do the folding with minimal of help. The frown has turned upside down into a smile. Great success, I'd say. Mission accomplished.

This folding episode made me miss my late Mom. Of course I didn't learn to fold by myself. It was through her that I know how to do the housework as I do it today. And some of that knowledge has been passed on to Aisyah, her eldest grandchild. In a way, it's like her legacy continues. I can only hope that a few years down the line, Aisyah will master these skills, and much later, pass them on to her own children one day.

By then, she will have her own sulking daughter to deal with. Heh. But for now, here's a pic of my own sulking, can't-fold-don't-want-to-fold-laundry-daughter.

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