Saturday, January 21, 2017

My 'Now' Look

Yesterday, my child minder had a family emergency so couldn't look after Zayd. I had no choice but to take EL myself from work. Around 11 am I got a call from my colleague, who was also my former SV for my Master. She was working on a project, and would like to invite me aboard. All sounded good. Except that we needed to sit down and discuss there and then because the deadline for the application was next Monday.

I agreed to drive in to work, but Zayd had to be in tow with me. I had a Zumba class at 4 p.m. nearby to work anyway, so it wasn't like I was driving in just for her. We discussed, but close to 4 p.m. we still weren't done. My colleague insisted that I go for Zumba first, then come back to continue a bit more. Again, lugging Zayd with me, I went Zumba-ing.

We continued as planned after Zumba. Finally done around 6 p.m. My former SV profusely apologised for kinda rushing me into everything. I told her it was fine. Sometimes opportunity comes and you just got to roll with it on the spot. She asked if I wasy Ok or was I tired from the Zumba, since I looked really tired. She said she remembered me looking a little different (more energized and enthusiastic, I suppose). I just laughed and said, 'This is how I look NOW'.

My Master was reserach-based, and that was 13 years ago. For three years, I would meet up with her (my SV) every other day to discuss my progress. When I was done with my Master, I knda lost touch with her, since I flew to the UK for 4 years. When I came back, she flew to the UK for her sabbatical, and we didn't really have any collaborations since. So it's not a shock that she remembered me from all those years back. Clearly, my look has changed somewhat over the years. Studying for my Master, and then PhD, and also children and crazy KPIs at work, all made the change more apparent. 

So, to commemorate today, I'm posting a pic of myself (and Zayd in the background, he insisted).

The outside may have changed and weathered, but the inside is still the same. Chewah...

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