Monday, January 23, 2017

Nightly Routine

Now that school has started, the children have more or less settled into a routine. After school, it would be shower, Solat, play time, dinner, then straight on homework or revision, followed by Solat Isya' (slightly later) and then a quick Tasmi' session, before prepping for bed time, bed time story and finally off to bed. For Aisyah, this is straight forward. The little one, Zayd, is a bit more challenging. But on the odd night where they both surrender easily, I get to enjoy a hot glass of ginger-lemon tea downstairs in front of the telly, watching re-runs of the Big Bang Theory. My kind of night. 

These are pics of Aisyah trying to do some work. Sometimes I feel for her, as Zayd is ALWAYS in her hair. They have a five year gap between them, so clearly they are not on the same mental development stage. Aisyah is more serious and structured, while Zayd has not even started Kindy (though he has self-taugh himself the A-Z alphabets and numbers up to 15, colours, and shapes from YouTube - second child is always a survivor). Anyway, one way or another it always ends with someone crying. I have tried to do separate activities for the boy, but he just wants to do the same thing as his big Sis is doing, but for two minutes only before his boredom kicks in. How do other Mums do it?

But for tonight, they seem to be working and getting along just fine, it merits an entry in itself. Love them to bits...

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