Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Autumn in Plymouth

Or is it Plymouth in Autumn?

Anyhoo, there's no denying skang dah masuk Autumn. My favourite season. I'm uploading some pics of Plymouth in Autumn. I totally have my Mom in mind whilst doing this coz I know how much she loves the change of season.

Yg ni all taken on my way to Uni today. You can really see the colours of the leaves have changed, paling pretty ialah daun2 kaler merah of course!

Ini plak taken last Sunday, masa jln2 around The Hoe because the weather was surprisingly warm and pleasant. Pegi naik Honeybun Trains then lepak2 plyground. Wish there were more play area for children dkt2 ngan rumah. To get here kena menapak for nearly 40 minutes, naik bukit some more... But it was so very worth it!

Don't you just love Autumns?


Nida said...


Kak Nida pun suka musim autumn, cuma tak suka musim selepas autumn....winter... masa tu rasa rindu sangat cuaca panas di Malaysia

Liyana said...

Sini dah nak masuk winter..huhu..

Jordan said...

Autumn is one season I definitely miss.

tun fatimah said...

Nama je autumn tp sejuk mcm winter! today -5 deg okei.. huhu.. but like I mentioned yesterday, Autumn fashion is the best!

Lin said...

kalau i dpt p jalan2 kat oversea,mmg nak pegi masa autumn.sure best!

Mama Zharfan said...

yepp..agree..autum now dh sgt sejuk sbb dh nak masuk winter pun :) tp scenery sgt nice

Oyis said...

k nida;
xpe, kat NZ dah nak masuk spring. mesti makin panas dan panas after this. best tu! jimat heating bill ;)

same here. mlm mcm frost merata, sejukk!

it will also be the season i miss most when i get back home too :(

yup yup yup! fashion yg paling senang nak 'hijabified'! *wink*
<--- tgk u dah influeneced i tau, dah gila2 minat ngan hana tajima :P

Lia: yup, autumn is the nicest utk jln2, tp be sure to bring thick coats as well sbb kdg2 unpredictable weather dia, especially at night bole cecah sub-zero jg

a ah, cantik sgt. tp kang dah byk jgk pokok2 yg dah gondol dah. winter is definitely coming this way!