Friday, July 9, 2010

Just Coz..

It's a Friday and I'm swamped with work (new found motivation), so this is going to be just pictures from my two very favourite people whilst I'm gone at work. This time no celoteh from yours truly ye. Have a nice and relaxing weekend, everyone!


Heartilyina said...

have a nice weekend to u too :)

isabelle said...

any plans?
i plan wkend ni nak mkn japanese food. hehe. mengada!

Nida said...


pandai sungguh si kecil berposing

Oyis said...

will try to have a great weekend. this time next week dah bertolak ke Summer School, sob sob!

wah sedapnya. mmg teringin nak mkn japanese food, lama dah x mkn. as for u, pregnant woman nak mkn apa pon dibenarkan, asal halalan toyyiban. gunakan lah 'tiket besar' itu sepenuhnya, coz it's only valid for 9 months hehehe... so enjoy!

k nida:
bila dah besar makin pjg akalnya. untung bapaknya duk umah kerja nya itu aje sehari2, looks like a lot of fun, compared to busting my brains out dkt dpn PC ni :)

Ammi Sara said...

Makin besaq makin comel la aisyah ni..;)