Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Aisyah Hospitalized

Where do I start my story? The last 24 hours felt like mcm2 sgt berlaku, from naik ambulans, camping out at A&E (Accidents & Emergency), warded at the Children Assesment Unit, allergies, then viral fever, then suspected urine infection, but I'll start mengikut kronologi lah. This is to document what we went thro utk future reference diri sendiri, and also for families and friends utk baca dgn lebih lanjut what happened on the evening of July 13th at our household.

4.15 pm: Hubs and Aisyah came to get me from the lab and we walked to the Hoe to see the Plymouth Royal Air Force Show, only to get there and discovered that it was canceled at the last minute bcoz of the bad weather. But the carnival was still on, so we spent some time there, and me & Aisyah got on the carousel. Everyone was fine and happy.

6.05 pm: Ingat nak balik and resume work at lab, but Hubs suggested that I better go home and pack in advance for my trip to Barcelona on Friday. Plus I was fasting, so he said I shoud cook early, and try to relax a bit in the evening. Ok lah, termakan pujuk and went home with them.

7.15 pm: Aisyah fell asleep, maka kerja2 packing adalah berjalan dgn lancar. Sedih plak tgk all the items on the bed itu nak dibawa bersama ke Barcelona, kecuali Aisyah. Tp kuatkan smgt and teruskan packing kerana any time si comel itu bole bgn, takutnya terpaksa la postpone packing itu lg, which will beat the purpose of balik awal.

8.30 pm: Started memasak. Still an hour to go before masuk Maghrib, and all I had in mind was Mee Goreng Mamak. Dah siap goreng ayam celup tepung Kentucky dah pon yum yum.

9.15 pm: Hubs was hungry barangkali, makan roasted cashew nuts whilst waiting for me to finish up cooking. Aisyah woke up. Against my advice Hubs kasi Aisyah mkn cashew nuts, tp dlm quantity yg sgt kecil (sebesar kuku Aisyah aje). I was worried psl isu choking, and nothing else. Aisyah has eaten plenty of nuts before, peanut butter, nuts dlm chocolate, nuts on top of ice creams, hazelnut spread, even cashew nuts dlm my Kuzi pon pernah, so it would never occur to us that what was to happen in the next few minutes, could happened....

9.25 pm: Giat menumis. Tinggal nak masukkan mee kuning aje and I'll be done. Tiba2 Hubs walked into the kitchen carrying a crying and fussing Aisyah. Muka Aisyah dah naik bintik merah around the eyes and nose and mata dah start bengkak. Kitaorg suspected allergies to nuts dah, x de lain. Bagi se-dose of antihistamine. Masa ni cool lg.

9.26 pm: Called NHS Direct. Sini x de klinik bukak ye after 5 pm, so apa2 nak rujuk Dr kena call NHS dulu. Usually kalo demam2 biasa, kita call, an operator picks it up, then within 2-3 hours a nurse will us back (sbb x urgent kan). But this time, straight from operator, transfer direct ke nurse.

9.30 pm: Nurse dari NHS assessed Aisyah over the phone. Aisyah was hysterical in the background, and dah start garu2 non-stop.Aisyah muntah, habis satu bdn kena vomit. Hubs terus bwk Aisyah mandi. Masuknya waktu berbuka tp x sempat pon nak minum seteguk air.

9.35 pm: Nurse decided to tranfer my call to an Ambulance Officer immediately bcoz of the seriousness.

9.37 pm: Ambulance Officer bgtau over the phone that a team of paramedics in ambulance will be at our house soon. Was adviced to unlock all doors, and keep pets away.

9.40 pm: Baru je sambar tudung awning, then bukak lampu porch and unlock pintu, ambulance dah sampai. Aisyah dah siap mandi n berpakaian.

9.45 pm: Ambulance team assessed Aisyah and decided Aisyah dah ok kot sbb x garu2 lg. They also suspected allergic reaction. No anaphylectic shots were given, but bcoz Aisyah dah termuntah, dibagi Aisyah antihistamine again. But they still checked with the out-of-hours Dr over the phone to see whether or not to bring Aisyah in.

9.50 pm: Dr suh dtg jgk bhg A&E utk observation, sbb sometimes ada delayed allergic reactions, so maybe ada second attack after this. Cpt2 solat Maghrib, changed into my jeans and the three of us plus the 2 ambulance team members climbed on the ambulance to Derriford Hospital. Aisyam muntah lg dua kali dlm perjalanan.

10.15 pm: Aisyah dimasukkan ke Observation Room 9. Syukur lah, dpt bypass ramai org and dpt bilik, ingatkan kena berlama2an menunggu dkt Waiting Area / Reception A&E. Tp bintat2 or sembur bota, kata org Jawa, dah merebak ke neck, cheeks, and back.

10.30 pm: Nurse amik vitals Aisyah. Aisyah still menggaru2 dgn lebih hebatnya, menangis, and the rashes has now spread to her thighs and legs. Kitaorg giat la mendukung, then tuam badan dia dgn air sejuk, just to minimize the itchiness. Piriton was given, tp still muntah after everytime mkn ubat.

11.30 pm: Finally Aisyah tertido. Dpt la gi berbuka puasa, 2 hours later after sepatutnya. Bcoz x de kedai masih buka, berbuka dgn crisps and Snickers Bar from the snack machine dkt ruang awam A&E will have to do. Kat sini la dpt people watching sket, kes pelik2 like patah kaki, bertumbuk, luka menjejeh dsbnya. Siap ada yg kena escort polis lg, ada la tu, buat salah dgn law, tp needed to be treated first. Mcm2...

11.45 pm: Balik2 je ke katil Aisyah tgk Dr tgh consult dgn Hubs. Ah typical. Selama aku menunggu lama2 td, x de dtg, skali org gi beli snack kjp, masa tu la dia dtg plak, ish. Anyways, Dr suh Aisyah stay for a couple of hours utk observation. Nothing more can be done, just to keep the Piriton and water down. Tp sbb Aisyah dah muntah 6 kali, ada possibility kena injek piriton kat peha, tp Dr kata akan sakit sgt, sbb bukan injek mcm vaccination biasa kat kulit, tp kena masuk sampai muscle. Kesian nya dgr. Calamine lotion pon x de kat A&E, so kena la pandai2 sendiri pujuk Aisyah agar jgn garu2, kata dia, huhu. By this time badan Aisyah dah calar balar dan luka sbb dia scratch.

2.15 am: Dr dah dtg tgk Aisyah berkali2 la jgk, masa aku tgh ter-nodded off tido sekatil ngan dia. Dr bgtau Aisyah dah bole balik kot, sbb Aisyah pon dah bole tido dgn aman tu. Tp sbb aku terasa badan Aisyah hangat, dia amik temperature Aisyah, and it read 38C. Officially Aisyah demam. But x de kena mengena dgn allergic attack tu, but as the Dr has put it, 'It is very, very un fortunate that she has to suffer from both things at the same time'. Poor Aisyah! So kena tunggu Paedietrican plak dtg tgk Aisyah, sbb bila dah demam tu bkn respobility Dr A&E lg.

2.30 am: Paed dtg. Check temperature Aisyah dan suh bg Calpol. Seperti biasa, muntah lg after se-dose ubat. Sbb masuk kali ni dah 7 kali Aisyah muntah, Paed kata, nak mudah masuk je ubat ikut rectum. Tp mengenangkan mcm2 dah budak tu suffer, aku declined dulu. Ckp suh bg last chance, bg Calpol orally dulu, kalo muntah jgk, then baru masuk ubat ikut bontot. Alhamdulillah x muntah dah.

2.45 am: Dr A&E dtg lg. Ckp dah bole packing and go home. Suker! Mula la terbyg, alangkah bestnya kalo kat Msia, mesti dah bole berenti beli kat kedai mamak makanan on the way balik, sbb byk je kedai mkn yg open 24/7. Sini mana ada. Nak x nak, kena la sambung masak mee tu huhu.

2.48 am: Dr A&E tu dtg balik, and ckp, dia nak buat one last test - urine infection. Dia kata dia nak rule out Aisyah bkn kena urine infection, sbb symptoms urine infection ni demam, and ruam2. So she wants to be 100% sure. Kitaorg pon ok kan je la, kang kalo sakit lg x baik2 susah plak nak dtg A&E lg skali. Aisyah diberi pakai pad mcm sanitary towel on top of her diaper, utk collect urine.

2.50 am: Kitaorg dibawa transfer ke Children's Assesment Unit di Wad Kanak2 Tingkat 12. Nurse amik vitals Aisyah lg skali, and menunggu Dr yg on-call. Sempat solat Subuh lg nunggu Dr nih.

3.30 am: Baru Dr dtg. Aisyah dah tertido pon. He still did the assesment anyways. Dr nya baik sgt, siap offer nak amikkan air minum utk kitaorg, and offer suh tido aje di mana2 katil yg open kat ward tu (ward tu kosong, kecuali kitaorg je). During consultation, dia pon very sure it was an allergic reaction, altho to what specifically, he couldn't say, sbb mcm2 factor bole contribute. Aisyah needs to be seen by an allergy Dr in the future, to do a patch test to determine condition dia ni alah dgn all nuts, or just cashew nuts. Allergies ni ada link dgn asthma, eczema, hayfever, dan mcm2 lg. It might not even be that Aisyah is allergic to cashew nuts, maybe the chemicals or 'rencah' around the nuts (it was roasted cahsew nuts yg ada rasa masin2 itu). Plus we were told he needs the urine. Selagi Aisyah x kencing, x leh balik.

4.15 am: Aisyah dah nyenyak tido. Hubs pon sama dkt katil sebelah. Aku je tercangak2 kat kerusi, x leh tido sakit badan. Kesian tgk Aisyah punya badan yg calar balar kesan garu. Perut lapar pon ye jg. Remember, aku posa sehari sblm tu, yg mana aku last mkn nasi at 2.30 am mcm tu (Subuh 2.52 pg). Dah lebih 24 hours ni x mkn or minum apa2, selain the Snickers Bar, Walker's Crisp and a glass of water td tuh. Checked diapers dia, x kencing2 jgk. Tp mcm mana nak expect dia kencing, sedangkan dia dah muntah 7 kali sblm tu. Mesti dah dehydrated tuh.

5.55 am: Checked diapers, still kering kontang. Akhirnya aku give up and join tido sekatil ngan Aisyah. X tersangka plak a few hours of observation di A&E pada asalnya dah jd overnight stay dkt hospital.

8.15 am: Terjaga sbb dgr nurses dah mula masuk cuci2 and kemas2 katil dsb nya utk memulakan a new day. Aisyah pon terbgn, so nurse bg dia makan cereal. Diapers dia masih kering, so aku terus force-fed her air setengah gelas, dgn harapan kencing cpt2. Aku turun bawah gi cari roti wat breakfast utk aku n Hubs. Kesian dia, altho x posa, tp x mkn apa2 since lunch yesterday jgk (we all x sempat mkn mee goreng mamak aku tu kan?)

8.45 am: Finally Aisyah dah ada wet nappy. Cpt2 suh nurse collect sample tu. Kang dia dah berak plak kang, x psl kena buat test lg sekali.

9.15 am: Dr yg smlm tu dah test urine Aisyah, and it was negative for infection, so Alhamdulillah dah bole balik. He gave us leaflets on allergies in children, a bottle of Piriton utk Aisyah, and he wrote us a referral letter kpd Dr Cade yg akan amik case Aisyah nanti. So Aisyah will have to go back to the hospital soon utk buat further tests, but until then, no nuts.

10.00 am: Sampai umah. Ada dua option, sambung masak mee smlm tu, atau tido. Tido menang. Semua org pon tido, termasuk Aisyah

12.45 tgh: Bgn sambung masak mee. In the end makan la jgk mee goreng ala mamak tu. Tp hampa, sbb terlebih masin plak. Rasa nak nangis pon ada, mungkin sbb duk imagine dah lama.

Tp mee masin tu masalah kecil je, compared tu lps ni kena jaga2 psl makanan Aisyah. Skang bukan setakat kena read the labels psl food yg suitable for vegetarian, yg x de wine or rum, skang ditambah plak kena cari yg x contain nuts or manufactured in a place that may come in contact with nuts. Kalo di UK ok la lg, balik Msia where the labeling is caca marba mcm mana? Dah la makanan Msia byk gak campur kacang. Will she ever get to eat Sate ngan Kuah Kacang? Mee Bandung? Rojak Mee? Apam Balik?

Even worst, ptg td duk mintak2 roti sapu choc spread yg ada hazelnut tu (ala2 Nutella). And we had to hide it from her, sedangkan kitaorg tahu that's her favourite food. Pastu dia mintak aiskrim, x leh kasi cornetto yg dia biasa mkn yg ada choc & nut dah, but I gave her my ones, mint & choc, hmmm... amik rasa sket terus reject (x sedap la tu pada lidah dia). And from now on dah x leh mkn Honey & Nut cornflakes dah la (another fav). Ptg td siap mengamuk lg sbb dia lapar, pastu nak roti & choc x bole, nak aiskrim, dpt yg mint x sedap, pastu dia nak tgk Mickey Mouse kat channel Disney, tp yg tgh tayang ialah Handy Manny. Kesian sgt, sampai rolling2 on the floor, ke-frust-an. Of course, there are more to come still, but it already breaks my heart to see her being denied the food she normally enjoys without a problem before.

Hopefully the patch test will take place soon and reveals that it's not the nuts that Aisyah is allergi to, but the chemicals yg menyaluti kacang tersebut. It's hard enough going separating with her to go to Spain ni, tp dgn keadaan dia baru keluar hospital ni, bertambah2 la berat hati. Dah la Ibu x de, comfort food kesukaan hati plak dah kena banned. Please, readers budiman sekalian, doakan lah kesihatan dan kesejahteraan Aisyah, keselamatan aku sekeluarga and moga next week berlalu dgn cptnya, so that before I know it, I'll be back with the people I love. Amin...


azura said...

what a day! tabahkan hati ye oyis... things happened tanpa kita duga, n when it happened, we must be prepared. penatnya perjuangan jadik PhD student, mak n isteri at the same time kan? semoga suatu hari nanti semua kepenatan ini akan berbayar, insya-allah.

take care dear

mast@work said...

sabaq na oyis..

aisyah ada g6pd ke ek? uuu.. banyak benda tak boleh makan ni..

apa2 pun take precaution steps dear..

Heartilyina said...

poor aisyah. hopefully it's nothing serious la sbnrnya. selagi xbuat patch test tu mesti susah hati kan. this reminds me to be more careful when introducing new foods to ihsan. sabar ye ibu aisyah. btw moga dipermudahkan semua urusan dan sihat2 je sekeluarga.

isabelle said...

waa... calon menantu sakit. kesiannya...
i remember semak kepala masa anak hospitalized. mmg risau.
thank God everything is okay now

Leeds Al-Malique said...

Get well soon Aisyah...

yzmahoney said...

awak sian nyer aisyah..mmg bahaya ade allergic nie.. hopefully makin besar aisyah makin kuranglar effect allergic ape2 pon bersyukur awak tau cepat & urusan dgn Dr berjalan lancar... Kite doakan aisyah sihat.. kite juge doa semoge perjalanan awak g Barcelona selamat semuenyer..jgn terlalu risau, saiful ade tgkkan aisyah..take care yek!

.M.A.M.A.D.A.N.I.S.H. said...

sabar yer oyis..& get well soon aisyah..:D

Wan said...

byk2 sabar ye oyis..bab2 ni yg susah kalau duk jauh2 dr famili ni kan.. tp apapun lepas ni memang kena berjaga2 la.. susah gak kalau allergic ni, esp budak2 kan.. insya Allah she'll ok, maybe jugak allergic tu utk chemicals kacang tu je-sebab sebelum ni takde pulak kena allergic kan kalo makan food lain yg berkacang..

btw get well soon, aisyah! and momma aisyah, have a safe journey!

sumpit said...

at least, the worst part is over, syukor dia ok. insyaAllah, things will be alright...

Ammi Sara said...

poor little aishah..hopefully it wont occur again, dah ada allergic ni kena hati2 lah ye nak makan apa2..alhamdulillah it didint get much worse..apa2 pun aishah bole citer kat org dah penah naik ambulance, hehe

sirna said...

get well soon lil' aisyah..

Oyis said...

paling terasa ialah faktor kejauhan drpd family la. but like i have been told once, benda2 ni mengukuhkan lg pertalian suami isteri, sbb susah senang dijunjung bersama

g6pd tu apa ye? sbb lom jumpa pakar lg, x tahu dia alah kepada apa, or maybe it's a one off thing aje. harap2 x la, coz we all dah rasa susah nak belikan mknan utk dia ni, even if it doesn't contain nuts pon, sometimes the product is manufactured in a place where it may come in contact with nuts. jenuh la belek2 label huhu

malang x berbau. kitaorg mmg dah careful sblm ni, and so far mmg aisyah x pernah alah kpd kcg. as i said before, cashew nuts dlm kuah kuzi pon pernah bg kat dia, tup2 smlm x bole plak. but Dr ada ckp, sometimes allergy tu comes later in life, triggered by something la. in that case, sometimes the allergy stays, sometimes it's a one off thing and goes away. but yes, be careful when introducing food to ihsan. kacang Dr ckp maybe wait until after 3 years old

thanks dear. adam x nak dtg melawat aisyah ke hik hik? bawak bunga n coklat sekali eh, preferably without the nuts dlm coklat :)

Oyis said...

leeds al-malique:
thank u. dia dah beransur sembuh, in fact dia mcm x ingat pon kejadian masuk hospital, which is very good. tinggal kena berjaga2 je la huhu

thanks awak. kita pon x sangka aisyah ada allergies mcm ni. setahu kita it doesn't run in either mine or abg sepol's family. tp dugaan dan cabaran dtg dari Allah, terima lah seadanya. awak pon hati2 la with your boys, sbb kalo ngikut Dr, x semestinya parents ada baru anak ada. moga2 makbul doa awak pasal barcelona jg. excited ada, takut ada, sedih ada, nervous berlebih2 la lg. smg bermanfaat pengorbanan semua ahli keluarga n kita sendiri utk menimba ilmu seminggu di tempat org ni!

tenkiu very very much for the moral support. it means so much to have an online community that cares :)

k wan:
tu la, hopefully so la it's not the cashew nuts itself yg penyebab allergic reaction tuh. kalo dah setel patch test nnt, baru la tahu apa kes sebenarnya. thanks for wishing me a safe n well journey. gedebar ni sebenarnya!

Oyis said...

thanks eti. the worst is over ke?> harap2 nya begitu la. jgn la ada repeat scene masa aku x de nanti. sarat kepala tgh pikir mcm2 ni adeh...

bkn aisyah aje bole citer, ibu ayah dia pon bole tumpang bersohor skali pasal dah naik ambulans tu (and survived to tell it la, Alhamdulillah!). scary jgk masa dgr paramedics tu ckp kena naik ambulans nk kena bwk gi hospital bcoz ni kes 999 (emergency!), tp syukur lah mlm tu mcm cool n relax je, x panic2 sgt. selalunya kalo less serious than that pon dah mengalir air mata sedih n panic. Mungkin Allah bg kekuatan la kot, di kejauhan ni... kalo kita x berfikir secara waras and calm, siapa lg yg bole nak jaga Aisyah kan?

thanks sirna :)

Mohd Norowi said...

Salam K. Yis and Family. Sayu juga tok Ayah dan keluarga di kampong dengar Aisyah kena allergic. Semoga cepat semboh dan hanya sebahagian dari ujian bagi mempekukuhkan kekuatan kita kearah menjadi insan kamil (rohani dan jasmani). Anyway take care and eat more veges, otherwise u will miss lot of trace of elements that are irreplaceable. Wassalam.

Oyis said...

salam Ayah & family,
thank u for the advice and doa. Aisyah dah xde kesan allergic dah di badan, kecuali kesan calar balar garu gatal, tp dia x berapa sihat ni, kejap panas bdn, kjp ok. tp panas pon x tinggi mana la temp dia, dlm 38C, so borderline je la dgn demam tu. tp tu la, x sedap la nak tinggal kan dia dlm keadaan x 100% sihat. haih la, kena ingat ke pesan ayah satni, 'ujian utk memperkukuhkan kekuatan kita ke arah menjadi insan kamil.' bkn mudah ni!

tun fatimah said...

Mmg takut and extra risau kan kalau budak2 kena sakit ni. Masa diya 11 months she was hospitalised viral fever (sampai sawan) and I masa tu dekat Bandung -trip dengan students okei. My family langsung tak bitau i sampai the day i nak fly home (sbb taknak i risau). Dlm flight i nangis teresak2 okei sebab takut apa2 berlaku. :(
My dad sampai sekarang phobia kalau diya demam.
BTW hopefully aisyah is feeling much better soon. and take care of yourself in Spain!

Nabil said...

amacam aisyah..dah ok?

takut juga dgr kes2 allergic ni sbb kadang2 kita pun taktau kita ni allergic apa.

benda ni regional ke apa ye? maksud sy kekerapan utk yg kena food allergy ni ramai juga ke di Malaysia coz jarang sikit dgr kat area sini...

kena byk tanya our paed juga la lps ni sbb mmg masih noob bab2 camni.

hope all is well with Aisyah n ur family too. Keep us posted.

Nabil said...

btw, terjumpa article ni setelah sikit menggoogle:,0,3865399.story

Oyis said...

ye ke? wah.. diya was so small then. i berdoa sgt2 agar aisyah x demam dah after this. was just on the phone with hubs and her, and it seems that as long as she takes calpol on time, the fever goes down. mmg susah hati, tp nak buat mcm mana, terpaksa la teruskan aje. thanks for sharing ur story. menambahkan kekuatan dan smgt diri.

tu la masalahnya, sbb allergies ni susah nak ckp apa punca nya dan apa yg bole dan x bole dimakan, sehinggalah terjadi reaction. kalo ikutkan aisyah dulunya x pernah pon ada masalah dgn kacang2, tp Dr dia ckp, sometimes, allergies tu develop later in life.
and thank u for the artikel. rasanya ada betulnya psl regional tu, sbb kat msia jrg je dgr org allergic kacang ni kan? siap kitaorg ada jgk joking2, ckp aisyah ni mesti dah westernized, dah jd anak mat salleh dah, sbb dah allergic kacang. anak msia x de mcm tu. tp dlm lawak2 pon, tetap la susah hati jgk kalo betul dia allergic kacang. tp tu lah, baik buruk pon, kalo Allah dah bg, kena terima aje lah...

WaNNi said...

susah juga kalau allergic to peanut, even hawa kacang dlm rumah pun nnt tak boleh kena. Ada sorang doc malaysia kata dia buat test utk tentukan jenis allergic anak dia kat hospital swasta di msia sbb anak dia byk allergic reaction. maybe in future bila dah balik msia boleh la buat. tp buat masa ni kena hati2 la ye, mmg renyah tapi kalau sakit lagi susahkan. apa2 pun semoga sabar dan tenang sentiasa.

Mohd Norowi said...

Salam K. Yis. Semalam Ayah attended seminar pasal permakanan sempurna. Penceramah adalah pengarang buku makanan sihat sebagai ubat.
Fndamental issue - diet kita tak balance langsung akibatnya ia menjadi racun dalam badan kita sendiri. If we are able to address this fundamental issue, then lot of problem will be solved.
Pengarang dan keluarganya dah lebih 15 tahun mengamalkan kaedah ini, dah x jumpa Dr., dulu 3-4 x/yr. Of course this is part of our ikhtiar.
Sebagaimana yang ayah kata sebelum ini, vegetables are COMPULSORY in our diet.
My research sekarang pun support this - lot of our ulam and tradisional vegetables contain lot of antioxidants.
Ok lah dan panjang sangat dah, take care and Wassalam

3yearshousewife said...

Aqim one of the twins kena camni about 2 months lps kami sampai UK. He was 11 mths old. Dia allergy peanut rupanya. Kami tak tau, bg mkn cuma serpihan aje. Bengkak bengkil satu badan, bibir bengkak, muka kembang , mata pun tinggal segaris je, tp tak muntah teruk. Menangis tak yah cakap la, dah melolong2. sume benda tak kena. Panik gak la sbb tak tau mana nak dituju.
Kawan2 suruh pegi hospital je. Petang ke A& E. Kena tahan ward 1 mlm sbb GP takut tekak bengkak pulak so tak leh bernafas. Alhamdullilah, the next morning discharged. Pengalaman...