Monday, November 28, 2016

Pemergian Mak

21 November 2016. 5.40 am.

A date which all of us as a family will remember for a very long time. 

My mother-in-law, Siti Haji Ali, passed away on this date, at the said time. She was 68. She is survived by a husband, three daughters, two sons, and eleven granchildren - all of whom loved her very, very much.

Mak, as I had fondly called her, had been a stroke patient survivor. It wasn't stroke that took her life away, but several complications which probably had been caused by renal failures. Mak didn't get to do dialysis, for the risks outweighed the benefits (in her case). It was very sad to see her condition slowly deteriorating, and although we knew the inevitable was imminent, it was still a shock to see her go. I guess this is true for any departure.

Mak took her last breath at Along's house in Kluang. Although I wasn't by her side when she passed, Hubs, Abah (my FIL, her husband), and Along's family were there during her last moments. She was well taken care of throughout her illness, something that I highly admire in Hubs. Alhamdulillah, by the grace of Allah, I got to see her a day before she passed (I drove to Kluang that weekend), and she was in a conscious state for that one moment (she had drifted in and out of consciousness previously). She looked me right in the eye, and we spoke, kissed and seeked forgiveness for all of our wrongdoings towards one another (she didn't do anything wrong to me really, I was the one who sinned a lot, I suppose). She truly looked like she was getting better that day, which was why Hubs had advised me to drive back home without worry and things will be taken care of. Little did we know that in twelve hours time, Mak would meet her Creator. I've heard stories from others where by sometimes, just before someone passes over, there seems to be a moment of peace and calm, and it looks like things are going uphill (the sick will start gaining his/her appetite again, or talking, or acting cheerful, etc), only to be rapidly rolling downhill soon after. But whatever that has happened has been set by Allah, and we accept it with Redha in our hearts.

Mak was buried at Perkuburan Batu 6 Bakri, Muar right after Solat Zuhur. She was loved by many and memories of her will forever be cherished. Semoga Allah menempatkan Mak di kalangan org2 yang beriman. 

Sayang Mak.



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