Sunday, June 19, 2011

Joint Birthday Celebration for Aisyah and Irshad

The day which the kids had waited finally arrived. All the preparation and hard work was paid off as they seemed to have had a wonderful time. We didn't do a BBQ in the end, but if we hadn't told anyone they would have been none the wiser as the ribs and chicken turned out perfectly, dare I say so myself hehe. Thanks for all Malay Plymouthians who made it a really fun event, and on behalf of the kids, thank you belly much for the pressies (they ols can pelat2 lg hehehe, jgn mare).


Lia Sakinah said...

awesome! bravo noris! the food u made look so yummylicious... mesti aisyah happy sgt2 esp dpt celebrate dgn BFF dia... ;-)

Mama Zharfan said...

pics semua besh ;) pressies byk tu ;)

Unknown said...

banyak kek.. best2..

err.. ni bday party siap dgn bakal besan ke? hehehe

yatie chomeyl said...

the foods looks yummyyeeeaaahhh

Sufi said...

Hepi besday my dearest niece! You look so lovely aisyah... Kak Yih, hepi belated besday to you too.:-) food tu sume sedap2 lah. nanti balik malaysia bolehlah masakkan utk kita. hehehe.

Oyis said...

lia: food tu kongsi2 masak ngan parents irshad. aisyah mmg sgt2 happy :)

mamazharfan: Alhamdulillah, rezeki Aisyah. byk jgk present dia dpt

mast: a ah, bakal besan la konon2 kan hehe. masa mesyuarat ngan parents irshad masa nak masak apa nak beli apa tu lg la, rasa mcm nak diskas kenduri kawen

yatie: without sounding too much like masuk bakul sendiri, the food tasted every bit as yummy as it looked!

sufi: thanks sufi. insya Allah, balik msia bole aje nak buat mkn2 sama2