Sunday, February 27, 2011

Reward Yourself - Coz You're Worth It!

Lama betul x buat apa2 entry. Sbb nya tgh prioritize kan diri, skang ala2 work comes first. Konon nya nak buat mcm Lee Babauta recommends in his book,'The Power of Less', iaitu tulis blog at the end of the day to avoid distraction during work hours. Treat it as a reward for the work you have managed to accomplished dueing the day. Obviously aku tak mencapai target harian at all last week, langsung x layak tulis blog. Either I am setting my goals too high per day, or I need to be more ruthless with myself when it comes to meeting daily goals :(

Apapon, finished correcting my paper last night at the wee hours of the morning. Next week kena submit the camera-ready version to the conference secretariat. Alhamdulillah I have managed to get full funding for this conference this coming spring, baru dpt official letter on Friday. Tu pon satu hal yg menyebabkan my work was slow moving. Agak byk paperwork nya, but biasa la, nak mintak duit org punya psl kan, kena la buat ikut prosedur. Now dah lulus I am giddy and nervous. Must remember to register before the end date to get that early bird offer. Have not checked out prices for hotels, tickets, etc, sbb I psychoed myself suh siap correction dulu baru pikir hehee...

Since siap smlm, rasa diri worth la utk mendapat ganjaran hari ni. List of things to rewards myself with:

1) Tulis blog
2) Catch up baca blog org secara back-to-back
3) Finish off my novel of the week - that Picoult's novel 'Plain Truth'
4) Survey hotels and tickets for that conference
5) Sleep

Weih, keja siap satu aje, rewards nya dah bersusun. Camno tuh? Olololo, bila baca balik list aku, mcm pathetic jgk my reward list ni. Org lain reward kan diri dgn Miu Miu purse satu ke, UGG boots sepasang ke, iPhone seketul ke, busuk2 pon that sinful desert from M&S. Hahaha, apa bole buat, those five things are more precious to me - money can't buy ok.

And guess which of the five I picked?


SLEEP, of course!!!

Hehe nampak sgt I have been very sleep-deprived these last few days. I am actually down with a cold pon, so sleep was the best reward ever. Nak2 Aisyah pon tido ptg jgk, wah... lagi la. Actually I cheated a bit, baca novel jgk dlm setengah jam sblm menidurkan diri. Nak buat mcm mana, I am so not used to sleeping in the afternoon ok, paksa2 x jalan gak, so berbaring je la dlm duvet sambil baca novel. What's your idea of rewarding yourself after a day's/ week's hard work?

It's been pretty mild last week, tp skang ni mcm sejuk balik, around 2C. Unpredictable la these days. X tau la bunga2 yg baru nak sprouting tu survive ke x ni dah sejuk balik....


yatie chomeyl said...

nk g conference mano pulop oyis? :)

MRM said...

Congratulations on the paper! :)

"What's your idea of rewarding yourself after a day's/ week's hard work?" - Tentulah spending time with my other half & family. PhD has taken that freedom away :(

Btw, Item (4) and (5) is not 'ganjaran' ok. Item (4) is part of your task so that you don't end up sleeping by the roadside during the conference while item (5) is also a task that you need to do every day in order to stay sane and healthy :P

Oyis said...

ado computing conference ni di portugal, insya Allah

mmg item no 4 tu part of work jgk, tp mmg over-excited la plak survey2 segala mala tp correction x tackle2 lg hahaha! no 5 tu tido mmg tido, but i meant afternoon nap. luxury ooo, at this age and time. kalo x mmg x berpeluang langsung, not even on the weekends!

miSs inTerpReted said...

yeay for the conference!!!

i pon sekarang try to prioritise my work. i force myself to wake up every morning, mandi2 dan terus bersiap ke uni. kalo ralit makan breakfast kat rumah, sure dah terbuka laptop dan oleh itu, kerja tak jalan. so far, so good!

and i treat myself with a drink from starbucks tho i make sure i bring journal articles or paper i wrote to read and make corrections while minum2. hehe. harap2lah ini akan mempercepatkan lagi my proses buat kerja!

Mama Zharfan said...

memang kena self-reward :)--me beli bj baru &hbag baru when it comes to reward ni heheh