Sunday, June 27, 2010


Ahhh... the only that people talk about these days other than the World Cup, is the ammmmazing summer that we are getting in the UK. Panas u ols, tido pon dah x berselimut, mandi dah x pki water heater and mandi pon dah 2 kali sehari! Ok lah, mmg gelenyar sungguh la klo tiba2 kata cuaca panas gila coz it's only like 24C out, compared to Msia (kan aku baru balik je itu hari), tp u gotta understand that dgn negara yg x biasa panas ini, ditambah plak dg rumah yg x de kipas, apatah lg aircond, mmg it can get quite stuffy. Siang ok jgk bole bukak tingkap, but mlm terpaksa tutup sbb umah x de grill. But it's been pleasant so far, if you exclude the times when u bgn mlm2 scratching sbb berpeluh hehe.

Some pics to back up my claim:

(1) Aisyah tido berseluar pendek. Yes guys, that's my lappy dia dah buat harta sendiri

(2) The next night, she has been reduced to wearing just a T-shirt and knickers, hihi.

With the blazing Sun, of course we would need hat, hat, and more hat! Ni yg terbaru, beli from Sainsbury's from the TU range. Very reasonably priced, and serves the purpose well. Dah lama cari yg ala2 fisherman's hat for Aisyah

(3) Smile!

(4) Speaking of heat, Aisyah got a bit heated kitaorg x kasi dia naik pirate ship 50p tu (nak cpt). Siap berpeluk tubuh, refusing to budge, mogok la konon, ish ish...

(5) Taking the strike a step further, 'If you guys not paying, I'm not moving and I can sit like this all day', kata Aisyah (in the end, bribed her with a snack, terus lupa mogok)

With the heat full blast, hidung Aisyah jd berair plak. Mula2 ingatkn it was something she caught from nursery for the millionth time. Tp today when we were out, bkn saja hingus nya menjadi2, tp mata membengkak dan berair. Whilst we were at the pharmacy, I asked the pharmacist if it was possible for a 2-year old to suffer from hayfever? And after looking at Aisyah, the pharmacist said that Aisyah bkn nya demam selsema, tp terkena hayfever (allergic with pollens). Lor... patut la bila kluar rumah selsema, balik umah je dah kurang hingusnya. Ingatkn sbb berpanas... ngeee... So we bought her this - antihistamine for kids.

(6) Ubat hayfever

The little tiddlywink tu dah x nk mkn kt high chair dia. So while we were out, we bought her this booster seat. So skang dia dh mkn kat kerusi mkn for adults, with the booster. Abaikan kecomotan kerusi tersebut, sbb dh pki td. Tp x pe, sarung is machine washable, and thank Gos it's summer, cpt kering! :)

(7) Booster

Whilst we were out jg, masuk kedai Early Learning Centre (ELC), nak cari art supplies utk Aisyah. At this wonderful age, seronot sgt buat crafts dgn dia - colouring, painting, finger painting, drawing, etc. Soon to add, sculpting, cutting and pasting.

(8)She really is into locomotives, esp Thomas & friends and also from the newer series, Chuggington. She calls them 'Choo Choo', as in Choo Choo Train.

(9) Belek2 buku pon pon yg bertema kan trains jg tuh

(10) But sorry honey, the whole set, tracks and all, costs GBP220. So we only got you what we initially came here to get - a pair of child-proof scissors and your first box of plasticine. Total: GBP2.50. Hehe...

Altho you did start to 'swim and sing' on the floor of the store (menangis melalak dan meniarap), but in the end we had a good day out in the hot Sun now, didn't we?

And you slept all the way home too, whilst your Dad and I berpeluh2 ketiak menolak stroller atas bukit, terkejar2 nak tgk World Cup Live on telly, coz it was going to be a hot match between England and Germany. Sadly, the performance of team England was just suam2 kuku today, resulting them to get kicked out of the World Cup 2010. Kalah dgn Germany, altho aku rasa referee dia tu yg salah sbb si Lampard nyer goal tu valid la weih! Aku rasa satu UK pon hot psl nih hehehe... Oh well...

That's all for today's recap. Oh yeah, I don't feel so hot myself today, sbb I think I might have the tummy bug, asyik nak ke toilet aje. Please let it pass quickly, huhu...


NenetPenne (NP) said...

ooh little aisyah sungguh comel...

yatie chomeyl said...

gaya mogok aisyah mmg chomeyl btol hehe

Unknown said...

kat sini pun panas.. ketiak berpeluh aje