Monday, December 29, 2008

Last night was like any other nights,..

.. it was a Sunday, and it meant it was laundry day in our house. I settled in front of the telly with a huge pile of clean laundry and started folding the clothes that had just came out of the dryer, whilst Hubs was busy 'fixing' the holes underneath the window sill (and thank God he fixed it well, bcoz it's freaking freezing in Plymouth since the last week, and we've been having a gush of cold air seeping into this hole into our living room every now and then. Apparently, winter has just arrived and is adamant to stay!)

As the parents were busy, Aisyah was left to her own devices. She was on her playmat fiddling around with her soft toys, and every now and then I would turn my head towards her and smile, or got up to pick her up from the door/electric cables/door mat/celah sofe, etc.

She moves quite swiftly now, but she had not yet mastered the skill of crawling, and had always been doing the 'golek-golek' (tumbling) act to get from one place to another. Sometimes she would move sideways (mcm ketam buat tu), and that would usually get her from point A to B. Most of the time though, when she tried to crawl, she'll just get backwards and even further than wherever she intended to go, as most babies start out, much to her frustration.

Anyway, when both parents were busy, she did the commando crawl for the first time ever! And she managed to move FORWARD!

I screamed at Hubs so that he could witness it but Aisyah didn't want to do it anymore. I had to do a commando crawl for Hubs bcoz he did not know what it looked it. After using several of Aisyah's favourite toys as baits, she finally repeated her feat and she did it so gracefully it looked like she ahd done it forever. She even wouldn't stop commando crawling afterwards.

Ah, babies... one blink and you'll miss it..


Anonymous said...

tak lama lg dia bole tlg ko kemas rumah n basuh bj :D

Mommy Harith Hannah said...

Ohho, baby Aisyah jadi soldier yer... Betul kater your fren tue, xlame lagi dah leh tlg oyis kemas umah... ekeke... Btw, Aisyah dah start makan tak?

Humaira pon samer (kiter panggil menyusur), menyusur jer sampai 11 bulan, patuh terus berdiri & nak bertatih dah... She skipped the crawling part... :p

Medela yg model maner? Mini-e ker? Haha, tak tahan gelak oyis kater bunyi cam mesin potong rumput... Tapi, salute laa oyis boleh & sungguh berani pam dlm room tue jer... Tambahan ader sound effect (bunyi pam) plak tue... Kalau dirikulah, mmg merudum laa "production" sbb malu2... Tapi, bila dah terdesak, sumer boleh kan...
Sporting nyer your colleagues...

Salam Maal Hijrah 1430! *wink*

Oyis said...

hehe... ko lg la esok iso, dua org pembantu sekaligus tuh.. :P

mummy h&h:
aisyah dah start mkn. tp mkn cereal, sbb dia x suka la home made food. byk sgt kot flavour n texture dia tu. paling dia nak ialah cereal yg commercial tuh. tp x pe la, slalu camput strawberry lenyek, pisang lenyek atau pon carrot lenyek dlm tu. tp biskut farleys nak plak... huh memilih betul dia... x pe la, asalkan makan n sihat...

iyer, tepat skali, medela mini e. not bad, dari segi pump pon kuat jg kuasa dia walau pon size kecik, tp tu la, bunyi pon bole thn kuatnya *pening*

haha, jgn salute lebih2, sbb kita asalnya dah wat homemade food cam arnie, tp x dpt la, bkn shj aisyah x suka, malah x brapa sempat juga nk prepare :P

tp betul, bila dah terpaksa, kena la letak malu2 tu kat tepi...