Friday, January 27, 2012

I Turned Inside Out Waiting For You This Twilight

Tajuk mcm romantik abis kan?

Sbnarnya, nak share pics I took whilst waiting for Hubs to finish his job lps Maghrib td (tggu beliau solat jap dkt opis beliau, to go do our food shopping). Terasa kreatif smcm plak masa tu, Aisyah plak tido, so ada la peluang bereksperimen.

I am by no means a photographer since I know no difference between aperture or shutter speed. But what I know, I love taking pics that means something artistic to me. So perhaps an artist that uses photograph as her medium? Umm.. terlalu stretching it kot label ni. Cukup lah blogger ciput yg gila gambar kot hehe. Maybe terlalu byk pegi tgk art gallery kot, I now to appreciate 'art' in its rawest form :)

So this is Plymouth in twilight mode, circa 5.11 pm mcm tu. I loveeee the clouds in the background! It was a lovely day today, the sky was bright and the crescent moon was out. Perfect, but freezingggg! Beku jari2 tau (it might have been around 2-3C, but felt like 1C with the strong winds). Obviously, as the shot gets darker, the day light diminishes into night.

Semasa menunggu Hubs solat, aku amik gmbr latar belakang Plymouth city dari dlm bangunan. It was such a breathtaking view. Tp secara x sengaja nya, terambik gmbr yg ada my reflection in the pic. So ala2 mcm kalo filerm tertindan gitu, ada 2 imej, the background of Plymouth city behind on one layer, and myself on the second layer. But I find this inside out pic mcm enticing, so buat dan buat lg. The last pic shows you how it's done, basically. Aisyah and I were sitting in the cafe. Can you tell?

This last pic ni x berapa cantik (blurry), but it is the essence of 'Waiting for Ayah'. Aisyah tertunggu2 sampai tertido, Ayah coming out of that long corridor from his office meeting us yg menunggu di lobby :)



Mama Zharfan said...

nice pics!! enjoy all those golden moments abroad while it lasts :)

Oyis said...

mamazharfsn: thanks. tgk enjoy sebolehnya dan documenting the pics as I go along nih hihih