Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Feels Like A Sunday

Hari ni hari Selasa. Kalo kat Msia tgh cuti ni, sbb Chinese New Year. Tp aku kat UK pon cuti sama. Sendiri declare, sbb sblm baru lps meeting ngan SV, and I feel I deserve a break hehe.

Those long nights in the library had paid off, when I had my meeting with my SV yesterday. The discussion went for a little over 2 hours, a record for us, coz normally our meeting usually lasts 30 mintues-45 minutes at a time. But since the last couple months, we have lesser and lesser meetings, coz I think he trusts me to work on my own. Although exciting and challenging, ia adalah sgt mendebarkan, coz I really, really don't want to let him down (with that high expectation of his) or worst, keja syok sendiri tp salah direction.

Alhamdulillah, he verified that I'm on the right track and I am so relieved that a few experiments that I thought I still needed to do, he said could actually be dropped. There are a few minor ones that I am halfway through that I need to finish, and I hope I can finish them off in a couple of weeks time, so praise be to Allah for that.

I really should qadha tido, but during the day when Aisyah is at school, I find myself that I can't. Bykkkkkk sgt benda To Do List (yg non-academic related), like for today: Lipat kain, basuh baju, jemur baju. Then gi bank. Then gi Treasury, check dah byr fees belum. Then return buku2 kat library, email semua org dlm lab ckp seminar this Thursday cancel, look up and plan metro station, attractions blah2 for our upcoming winter break (one of the reasons I worked so hard the last few weeks was becoz I want to have a GUILT-FREE holiday).

X termasuk benda2 I want to do for leisure, yg dah lama dlm KIV list becoz I couldn't find the time to do, like: watch re-runs of Judge Judy, tgk 2 episode of Desperate Housewives Season 8, update blog (ada 4 entries tertangguh, x termasuk nak buat scheduled entries coz I don't want my blog sans entries whilst we are going away ), tunaikan hajat nak pegi tgk the Art2Day 4 exhibition at the Cube3 Gallery and the Intersection Exhibition at the Peninsular Art Gallery. AND, I have new stash of FICTIONAL books to read, oh sweet! I've bought quite a number of books lately bcoz they seem to be on offer, and now it's payback time. So far on my to read list is 'Mini Shopaholic' (chick-lit, I know, tp since dah buat koleksi from 1st Shopaholic series tu update je lah bacaan), and Jodi Picoult's newest book, 'Sing You Home' (I am also an avid collector of almost all of Picoult's number). Terkini, sudah habis baca buku 'After River' by Donna Millner, mmg menyentap jiwa jgk la coz she plays the theme of family, how a family broke down after something that happened during one night, and 30 years after they reunite. Sedih gak la, and it reieterates the pepatah Melayu, "Air dicincang takkan putus'. Made me miss my family.

Syok betul sesekali bole sit in front of the TV, dgn x mandi, and watch back-to-back reruns silly sitcoms. Ok peeps. Gotta run. Got long list of stuff to do now! At least dah bole cross off 1 blog entry, 2 episodes of Judge Judy. Next to tackle, mandi, kemas katil, dan jemur kain, and out the door, see how much I can get down within these 3 hours before picking Aisyah up from nursery again, hihihih.



iezma said...

wow! byk nye nk buat payback time nih!! nway congrats noris..sket lagi.. mari kite kasi pulun...

Oyis said...

iezma: yup yup! kita kdg tgh pulun teringat kat awak. duk berkata2 dlm hati, mesti awak pon sama struggle jgk ni, especially kalo di UK kita tgh memulun jam 12 mlm, or 1 pg, then msia dah pkl 8 - 9pg, terdetik, iezma mesti dah masuk opis. dia pon sure tgh writing nih. smgt oyis smgt. ni nama nya kenang daku dlm doa mu. lomantik x kite? :)