Monday, December 19, 2011

Bugs Be Gone

Tajuk.... x agak2. Macam spray Fumakilla punya tagline.

Haih, kalo di tgk2 dlm folder gambar, byk cerita yg nak di share. Tu belom masuk funny stuff that Aisyah has said (vocab dia kan tgh expanding rapidly) that I truly wanted to document, tp seperti biasa lah, time is the enemy. Aduhai, x suka guna statement ni, sbb sgt cliche, and just sorta reflects how bad we are when it comes to management, but in all honesty, mmg sgt busy, but in a good way.

Earlier on Aisyah was ill (caught another bug from School after recovering from the first one), and I had to play Doctor about 24/7. She was scheduled for her 3-year booster shot today, tp terpaksa kansel, sbb baru nak baik demam. But she's feeling so much better now, Alhamdulillah and the shot has been postponed to a later date. Dan syukur jg Allah had cleared my head, and have made it possible to resolve my own err,, coding bugs :)

On that note, nak pen off for tonight. I'm still in the lab. Penyakit coding ni, kalo x selesai, haih mkn nasi pon x ingat. Tau2 dah masuk angin. Lately it feels like time just so whizzes by me. Macam roller coaster Aisyah ni jg (this one was taken in between the two illness).


Nida said...

Dah beberapa hari tengok muka Aisyah muram... sekarang dah mula ceria..

Oyis said...

k nida: a ah, Alhamdulillah... :)