Thursday, June 26, 2008

Hi, Please Meet My Baby ...

Aisyah Nurzahirah.

Yup. We've finally got her name decided, announced and registered. On her tenth days of life.

Phew... I am so relieved we got this done and over with. We weren't sure at first whether or not we could make the 14-days deadline, as we found out that JPN wanted the original Sijil Nikah, not the laminated card one. All this year I had been carrying with me the card, and Lord knows where I had stashed away the flimsy Sijil Nikah. Even worst, we had just moved into our new house shortly before delivery, so Hubs wasn't sure which box to unpack to look for the folder he had kept the documents in. As for my copy, for the love of God I couldn't be sure whether I'd kept it at the office which I haven't stepped in since the last four months, or whether it's just ... somewhere else.

Anyway, why in the name of God would JAIS provide a Nikah card, only to have it useless for anything?

Okay, enough rant. In the end we've found out marriage certificate and got her registered on Thursday. At least that's out of the way, Alhamdulillah..


m2rs said...

Beautiful name :)

Sapa pilih?

Lia Sakinah said...

Sedap nama...mcm nama permaisuri agong Sultanah Nurzahirah...hehe... sape tau satu hari nti anak noris jd permaisuri agong...kelasss gitu...hehehe
Btw, didoakan semoga mnjadi anak yg solehah...seindah namanya...aminnn

yzmahoney said...

ermm kalau anak awak jadi permaisuri agong kite pon nak tumpang glamer jugak! hehehe nway nice name.. kite nak tambah lar aisyah oshin nurzahirah..:D jgn mare!!!

EyesOfNabil said...

knp sampai lama tul nak pick nama tu? mesti list besar tu ^_^

Lia Sakinah said...

eh...bakal baby yzma pun girl jugak ke? :-)
btw, noris...aisyah tu nama bekas sultanah selangor dulu kan? Amboi noris...betul2 guna nama permaisuri2 ni...hehehe

Oyis said...

baby pilih .. hehehe... actually, mmg mutual agreement la between me n Hubs. it was actually surprisingly easy to decide, nasib x yah gaduh2 :)

a ah, kebetulan nama sama. x pe la, tuanku permaisuri pon nmpk lembut n comey, so apa salahnya tumpang yg baik2. moga2 makbul doa lia tu amin..

maklumat tambahan ni - mak mertua kita dulu pon nama kan anak sulung dia (Hubs punya kakak)after tuanku ampuan afzan yg jd permaisuri agong masa tu. so kira kitaorg sambung tradition la ni secara x langsung hehe...

btw, a ah la, x perasan plak tuanku permaisuri agong dulu nama dia aisyah kan? ni mmg kebetulan la

hehe.. oo.. tambah oshin sbb mata aisyah sepet eh? muka dia tu sebijik cam adik kita yg no 2 tu, yg body besar tinggi tu. mcm tu la rupe dia masa kecik, cam jepun

lambat pilih nama sbb x tau jantina, kena tggu bersalin baru leh decide. actually x de list pon, mmg nak komponen yg tu la, ada aisyah, ada zahirah. cuma x dpt decide nak eja camne, aishah or aisyah. nur zahirah or nurzahirah. letak nur or x. asalnya nak letak nur aisyah zahirah, then sedara kita yg pernah blaja kat mesir ckp dari segi bahasa arab x kena. better letak aisyah nurzahirah, sbb lebih kena. makna nama dia aisyah cahaya yg cantik berseri2. gitu la ada nye..

Anonymous said...


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