Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Happy 3rd Anniversary

Dear Baby,

Guess what?

Today marks Mama and Ayah's 3rd Anniversary. Yup, Mama and Ayah loved each other so much so, that 3 years ago, they decided to get married. It was a lovely ceremony. And life has been a blessing ever since.

The love that Mama and Ayah felt or each other were so strong. The intensity of that love is still here today. And I want you to know that with you here, the love has increased by a million-folds. Words cannot describe what joy you have brought into our tiny family. Baby dear, you were definitely the seed of our love, conceived in love, and we can't wait to love you more and more with each passing moment!

And know this, even though Mama no longer looks as skinny and as cute as she had once looked in her wedding photos - well she is three years older and almost 30 kg heavier! -she still is the same vibrant, warm, loving person inside. Now you'll just have more of her to love!
I hope you'll love her no matter what, coz she sure loves you like no other person that walks the face of the Earth.

To Hubs, My Dearest,
Happy 3rd Anniversary. I Love you (and Baby) with All My Heart...


faiezma said...

happy anniversary noris & saiful!! hmm few days to go nak dapat hadiah plg x ternilai harganya!!! congratulation u guys!!! happynyer!!

Oyis said...

tq.. tq.. tolong doakan everything sihat n selamat ye?