Monday, June 9, 2008

Happy 27th Birthday to Me!

Today, June 9th, I am a year older. Oh well, I guess being a mother at age 27 is as good as being one at 26. And I guess that Baby has decided that s/he does not want to share his/her birth date with Mama, hihi... I've always known Baby to have a personality and mind of his/her own....

On this day, I'd like to thank my Mom and give her a big, huge hug for not only giving birth to me 27 years earlier after enduring six hours of labour pain, but has since looked after me really well like any great Mom would. I would be lucky if I can be half the mother she is. Being on a journey to motherhood myself has really opened up my eyes to whole new perspective, and there is no way in the world that I could ever repay the love that she has showed me. {Sob, sob}

For my birthday, I don't want anything else other than to safely deliver my baby, without any complications, and to have the perfect bundle of joy in my arms all healthy and safe. I wish that I would make a great mother to Baby. Instead of all the pressies and luxuries for myself, I pray that all that is good goes to Baby instead.

I also pray for the health and wealth of my family, who has always been by my side and love me unconditionally.

And another one, I hope that the PhD scholarship still remains intact for me, with the fuel hike and the looming recession and all.

Oh yeah, let's see if I can squeeze this in without really stretching too far- if you want to throw in a brand new Nikon D300 as a surprise present, I'd welcome that too. I swear it's not for my own guilty pleasure, I'll use it to document Baby's growing progress ;)


P/S: You really can scrap the last wish out. I don't need these wordly stuff to make me happy. Just a simple prayer for our well-being is the best birthday present of all :)

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yzmahoney said...

noris..happy belated bday!!! sorry lambat wish.. semoga dipanjangkan umur, dimurahkan rezeki, ditetapkan iman dan dipermudahkan segala urusan awak... love ya! muah!

Oyis said...

thank you. nmpknya kena gi celebrate lps pantang la ek? harap2 awak lom sarat sgt masa tu! :D