Sunday, May 11, 2014

This Time Last Year

OK so I did it again. Gone AWOL for a few weeks (yikes, was it really THAT long?) before finally picking up the pen again. Thanks to marking for Test 2 and then the preparation for the Final Exams papers, with a few paperworks in between (and also a last minute tax filing), I hardly have time to put up any entry. I really suck at updating these days!

But now that the papers are finished, I can sort of mengadap blog sket lah. The kiddos are asleep. So many to catch up on. I guess I'll start with Kakak. Tomorrow marks the 1st year anniversary of her starting school (tadika) in Malaysia. Although we came back in January of 2013, she didn't enrol until 12 May 2013. For one, she couldn't speak or understand Bahasa Melayu, and we didn't want school to be a traumatic experience for her, so we hung back a bit longer. Also, Zayd was born in March of 2013, and we didn't have much time to wait for her to settle at school everyday as there was a newborn in the house. And also the teachers spoke to us and advised that Aisyah enter after the 11th May last year, because they had already been practising for their Sports Day, and for Aisyah to join in the middle of it all would be too overwhelming for her (the heat, the language, the cliques because they were all in teams already). So we waited. Plus Aisyah had her Nek Mi (my late Mom) who didn't mind  looking after her hugely missed granddaughter during the day was an added bonus. And I'm glad we waited. Aisyah got to spend some time with her Nek Mi. She still speaks of the naps that Nek Mi and her shared together in the lazy afternoons. How Nek Mi would perform her Zuhur prayers and recite bits from the Holy Quran and Aisyah would wait for her to finish whilst laying on her big bed. And then when Nek Mi was done, they would cuddle together and fell asleep, until it was time to get ready for Asar prayer. I can still picture them sleeping together peacefully as I type this, as I also spent a lot of days there post-delivery of Zayd.

Ah Umi.. How much we all miss you.

I started off wanting to write about Aisyah's progress, but seeing that it's Mother's Day today, I feel that it's apt that I stop here.

My first Mother's Day without my Mom to celebrate it with.

Umi, no words to express how much I love you and miss you. No words can bring you back. But I know that no other love can match that of yours to us.

May Allah reward all your sacrifices in the name of love for us.

Allahummagh fir laha, war ham ha...

Missing you terribly,
Your Daughter XXX

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