Thursday, May 15, 2014

The Box Is Mine!!!

Children are so obsessed with boxes. They are like, THE. BEST. TOY. EVER.

So I should've been surprised when one fine evening, Zayd emptied the contents of one of his Ikea Toy Box, and sat himself comfortably in there, for God knows what reason.

Then Big Sis thought, 'hey, that looks like a lot of fun!' and started to plonk herself next to Lil Bro, in the very same box (we have two other similar boxes just to store their toys, but nooo... they just had to share. May be they took McDonald's tagline 'Sharing Is Caring' a little too seriously.

Well, Zayd got tired pretty quickly with the whole sharing thing after a while. Before long, he started scooting her sister off and away from from HIS box. Mighty fighter this one is.

Ah, Siblings.....


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