Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Good Sport

On Sunday, 19 May 2014, Aisyah's school held Sports Day. It was held in Bukit Expo, UPM. What made it better was that it also included another two schools under the same branch (Taski ABIM), so subtly, the game was on to determine which school was the most athletic. Aisyah was excited, of course. Her first Sports Day ever. Last year she hadn't enrolled yet at the school until a few days after the Sports Day had passed, so she's been made to wait a whole year to experience this. Imagine her excitement! 

The day started early. We got there around 8.30 am. Met up with other family friends - Lia and Afiz with their children Qystina and Uqayl and also Farid and Dila with their twin boys - Fahmi and Fahim. 

There were several stalls selling breakfast and other kiddy items, so food and drink was never an issue. Three marquees were set up for the three schools, all decorated in their theme colour (Aisyah's school this year was Orange and Blue, the two others were Red and Yellow and Purple and White). Parents looked over from their own marquee. 

Did you notice our family dressed in Orange? We were definitely rooting for Aisyah and her school. Pretty convenient to dress everyone in orange considering we attended a safari-themed birthday party the week before, so the attire was already ready. 

The kids first marched out on to the field.After a quick opening ceremony, the games began. Among the games and races competed on the day were 50m Sprint, Baton Relay, Hackey Sack Race, Fruit Hunt Race, Ball Hop Race, Giant Slippers Race, Hoola Hoop Run, Tug-of-War, etc.

It was fun to see the competitive spirit in these kids. Not being biased, but there are some serious athletes-in-the-making from Aisyah' school, which dominated most of the races. Aisyah was trained to enter two games- Hackey Sack Race and Hoola Hoop Run, and won Bronze and Silver Medals respectively. She brought home a Gold Medal too, this was on the Ball Hop Race where she was asked to replace a team member who was absent. I was really surprised because all of a sudden she came up to me and told me to hold her medal and prize (some Tupperware tumbler). I wasn't on the lookout for her because from the tentative program, she wasn't scheduled to participate in the race until much later. Her first gold and I missed it! But well done, Kakak! So proud of you... :)

Tok Ayah made it to his first grandchild's first Sports Day event. How sweet... 

Little Bro Zayd was a good sport from start to finish. He ate his breakfast, sat in his pushchair, and not minding the heat the least bit. Fell asleep about a third of the way through (slept soundly despite the noise and stuffy heat) and woke up just in time to see Kakak run. What a splendid boy. He even had fun running around chasing Hubs around the field on the green, green grass. 

Funny how grass didn't bother him (first time on grass for him). His sister sure freaked out on her first introduction to grass five years ago in Plymouth, as seen in these pics (the spot where we rolled around then, is now where the Plymouth Marine Laboratory Building erected. Nostalgic).

Plymouth Marine Building now - Plymouth University’s New Marine Building positions the University as a global centre for research, innovation and enterprise in the marine and maritime sectors.Within its walls we will create waves more than one metre high, exchange knowledge for business innovation and growth, create renewable energy solutions and help the world adapt to climate change.

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