Friday, May 16, 2014

Happy Teachers' Day

Hooo boy... It's been a busy week.

Let's see... between marking for Test 2, preparing Final Exam questions, moderating Final Exam questions, keying marks for Test 2, lecture note making, tutoring students how to use Praat (a speech synthesis tool), organising Multimedia Week, they decided to open up the week-long research grant application last Friday.

Typical me, I didn't even read the email until Monday morning. Which meant that I had 5 days to come up with a bombastic and sustainable at least for 2 years of research idea, write a full proposal, support it up with LR, draw the flow chart of process (that we expect, remember the project has not been conducted yet), plan a budget (we're talking at least five figures), Gantt chart and whatnot... Bah hum bug... On top of that, teaching, and all of the above. 


They must really be enjoying all the frantic that has put the lecturers through, I bet.

So last night I pulled an all nighter, only got about 2 hours worth of sleep (11 pm -1 am, then it was all the way). Don't get me wrong, I've started writing since Monday, but I just didn't think my writing was concrete enough so I kept adding and re-writing (I'm the kind of gal who stays in the exam hall until time is up, whether or not I know all the answers), so yeah... until the very last hour I was still working on it.

Then class 10 am - noon. Whose notes I only manage to dust and read after Subuh prayer. Hah!

Followed by a discussion with students regarding their poster presentation due to be showcased on Multimedia Week in two weeks time.

Rushed back to the office. Keyed in Test 2 marks on the online system. Phew. If I didn't complete it today, all students will get a big fat zero for their score.

Polished off nasi goreng from morning's breakfast.

A quick power nap for 45 minutes.

Then I had to attend a meeting on some report with the Faculty's Big Guns.

Got back to my office, saw my students were already at the door, waiting to have their weekly consultation on their final year project, which coincide again with Multimedia Week, crazy or not, who the Hell planned the showcase week on the busiest time of the year?

Good thing was their project is almost nearing completion. Bad news, I would be happier if they added a few more functions in. Heh.

Now, at 6.11 pm, finally got to breath a bit.

Not bad, considering all things have been achieved. Knackered, yes. But content too.

HAPPY TEACHERS' DAY TO ME. (and all educators out there!)

Time to make up for lost times with my two (or three if you can the big one) Hunnybuns.

Let the weekend roll. 



sufi said...

Happy teacher's day to you! 😊😊

Oyis said...

thank you, sufi!!!