Thursday, May 22, 2014

Say Whaat??!! Say When???!!

As I was emptying Aisyah's school bag last night, I found a note which was not there the previous night.

It read,

'Teachers' Day Celebration. May 22, 2014. Children can be dressed in Baju Kurung /Baju Melayu (basically, mufti as opposed to their uniform). Please bring food or drink for the party'.

And this was at 9 p.m.


My first thought was, 'Screw it, I refuse to respond to a note that arrives in my hand in less than 24 hours'.

But then I thought of the teachers. You know, superb beings who patiently taught my daughter over the years. Who sacrificed their hours and energy to educate my child.Their warmth and their smile.

And I also thought of this..
 And this...

 And this...

You know. Stuff other 'Supermoms' manage to casually pull at the drop of a hat. I'm serious, cupcakes are other people's last resort, these days, it seems.

And I don't even own an oven. So what am I to do???!!!

Panic. Panic.

Hubs offered to drive over to 7-11 and get some chocolates from there. But no, 'a gift to your teacher needs to come from the heart', I said.

Then I went to bed. Zzzz...

Woke up at 5 a.m. Then realised haven't started a thing on the gift project.

Panic. Panic some more.

However, in the end, managed to pull this off with Aisyah using materials we already have at home - popsicle sticks, assorted colours manila cards, scissors and sticky tape (lots of sticky tape). Stuck everything together so that it roughly resembled a flower, and popped into 7-11 to get the chocolate that goes in the middle.

There you have it, teachers. A flower for the seed of education that you have sowed in my child. May she blossom into a beautiful lady one day, Insya Allah... I do feel bad that it is miles off the chart from the creative velvet cakes, rainbow cakes, heck, even cupcakes that I suspect other parents might have provided their child with as a gift to their teachers, but it seriously came from the heart.

And Aisyah thought they were super-cute. So she was super-happy going into school this morning.

Ah, sweet... At her age, anything I pull is amazing.

Yeah, Supermom, me. I get to feel like this for, oh, I don't know, two more years before she's all grown and realised that it's not true and most of the time I am just winging it!   :P


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