Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Groovy, Baby!

I love it when the kiddos are affectionate to one another. Just happened to capture this moment last week whilst picking up Hubs (he needed some time to pack, so we had a few minutes to spare before he exited the building).

The car radio is blasting in the background of my currently fav song 'Gadis Jolobu' by WARIS feat Dato' Hattan. Aisyah is always great at babysitting, most of the time she does it without much protest, but it is extra cute when she dances to occupy her baby brother.

Zayd, in return, really loves it too when Big Sis dances. Mengekekkkkk... je... Oh, and is that a HUG there at 00:27? Oh my, my heart just melts again and again everytime that scene comes up! (PS: groovy moves actually start only after 00:42)

Aisyah definitely has the groove, no? She actually feels the beat and sways like you'd expect from a raggae-ish song. I have no idea where she picks the move from. All I know is that much as I love dancing (used to, at least) I've never found the time to do it anymore. So, it's either in her blood or it's from YouTube! (I doubt it's YouTube, we really control what she watches, and it's the likes of Care Bears and My Little Ponies, I swear).

Mind you, this isn't her first time dancing whilst looking after her baby brother (click herehere  and here for past videos of her in the act), so maybe that's her fool proof approach to babysitting, who knows?

As long as they both are enjoying themselves, I have no reason to object!

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