Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Splashing Out At Malacca Wonderland

Okay, continue part 2 dkt Malacca Wonderland.

First off, the water theme park is located in Ayer Keroh, so if your staying in Bandar Hilir, it can take up to a good hour of driving to reach. For a place that's well promoted online (Groupons, etc), it really had ridiculously small signs (about A0 ish size, no larger than an academic poster, don't ask me why they skimp on this), so finding the place might be a bit tricky.

I didn't have much expectation of the place, because, come on, this is Malaysia ;P

But it actually was quite pleasant. Water was clean (the one at A Famosa Water Park a few people wrote that the water were GREEN, so that was why we didn't go there), the changing room and toilet were also frequently serviced so it wasn't nasty at all. Best of all, we went on a weekday, so there weren't that many people to begin with. 

On the downside, the park was rather small, and with limited choices of water slides, but even then they do have tram rides to take you from one side of the park to the other, for free and very frequently too (~5 minutes or so). They don't have rides (log rides, roller coaster that dives into the water, floaties that carry people into tumble dryer like current, etc), so don't believe that this is the next Sunway Lagoon. But at RM28 (adults) and RM22 (child) tickets, it was okay-ish. Besides, our eldest was only six, so this was the perfect scale of terror-ish fun for her. Food can be expensive (e.g. Milo Ais = RM3.50, Nasi Ayam = RM12), but this was expected. Other than this, I cannot fault the place.

So basically everyone had a blast, Aisyah particularly. I never would have thought my meek, overly sensitive little girl is a little dare devil in her own right. And I never would have thought that moi, who once never feared any roller coasters in her yonder years (I've tackled all the mean ones at Blackpool, Disneyland Paris, Genting Highlands, Berjaya Times Square, you name it, I've been on it), suddenly found herself too chickened out to actually go down the slides where Aisyah had non-chalantly went down. Those chutes scared me, man!!! I actually did go down because my maternal instinct beat my fear, as I needed to make sure Aisyah was alright on the other end (couldn't make out if she came out safely at the other end from the top of the chute/slide because it was loopy and twisted right around). But by golly, it was a really fast one, and scared that I was, I didn't brace myself properly (I actually gebang my elbows mcm kepak ayam in an effort to slow down the thing by introducing friction, BIG MISTAKE!!!), so my elbows banged numerous times on my way down (at high speed, nonetheless). They are still very much bruised and sore as I am typing this. Ah, things mothers do for their offsprings...

After that scary slide down the chute, I got a bit braver and tried several other mild-ish ones. Aisyah was of course, having too much fun, she just didn't care at how steep the slide was, or how high the top was, or how dark the chute was (seriously, it really was like putting all your faith in God that you would come out of the darkness eventually). We also tried the wave pool. This was when I'd had enough for self-inflicted pain for the day. 

Overall, I would recommend this place for a little fun with the lil ones. Even Zayd enjoyed it. It was just so cute how he hugged his little turtle buddy like his life depended on it. First time in the water since birth, for him, and glad to see that he's loving it!



Mama Zharfan said...

besh dpt main air!

3yearshousewife said...

Akak naik yg the swirly blue tube, pas tu tersekat kat atas and have to kayuh dgn kaki bagi bergerak, aiseh. Bkn apa air utk lubricate the tube tu kurang. Right after we landed in the pool, my daughter kata 'you're not heavy enough'. eh eh eh, dh gemuk camnih pun dia kata x berat...