Wednesday, February 12, 2014

A Little Update on the Kids, Post New Year

Haven't talked for awhile about these kids of mine, so I'd thought I'd give them an update.

Since the beginning of school year 2014, Aisyah continued going to the same kindergarten as the previous year. The only difference is that now she goes full time (8 am - 6pm) as opposed to coming home at noon. It was a tough decision for me to make, because 10 hours at school a day is a LONG time for any kid, but with my Mom's passing last August, child care had been really difficult. I had always envisioned that Aisyah would transited every noon to my late Mom's house, until she is well into high school, at least (my Mom and I had sort of discussed this and both parties were happy with it), but Allah had other plans for her, and part of me being 'redha' or accepting His plans include adapting well to the changes and challenges which lie ahead.

Alhamdulillah, she really loves school, and has been progressing well, much much better than last year, it seems. There's still a lot of catching up work needs to be done, but I'm no kiasu Mom so I just kinda lay back and see how's she's doing on her own. If she's happy, I'm happy. And boy is she very happy that she gets to stay at school until the evening, proudly telling everyone who would listen that she's 'bigger' this year, hence the longer hours at school (isn't it cute how little kids are so eager to grow up fast?). Having said that, we (by we, I mean, I, it's always the mother who initiates these things) do try to get her to do exercises (Qiraati, Maths, writing, reading) at home, and on most nights, she looks forward to them. Doesn't she look like six going on sixteen in the photo below? I can't really point out what, but she looks much mature than her age here, perhaps it's the wrist watch that does the trick or her relaxed posture whilst studying (much like her Mom's preferred position to study when she was sixteen and studying for her GCSEs).

Zayd, my boy has also had to adjust to a few changes in life as well, this year. He used to spend his days at my Mom's while I was at work, but with my Mom's passing, followed by the helper who had quit too, Zayd was left at the mercy of his aunt (my SIL) during the day. The temporary arrangement didn't work too well, mostly because my SIL had another two children of her own under the age of two at the time, so it was much too stressful for her. So in the last week of December we finally found a child minder whose willing to take Zayd in, and it's been less chaotic since, Alhamdulillah... 

Although he does cry at drop off every morning, he's well and dandy in the evening at pick up time so I gather that he's doing fine. The childminder is an experienced lady, and she looks like someone who really likes and can be patient around small children. And she's used to handling expressed breastmilk-fed babies as well as formula-fed babies, so that's a plus point. If a man's indication of happiness is in proportion to how much he eats, then Zayd must really be happy at her place for he can easily down 6 bottles of 5 oz breastmilk a day, okay??!!! and that is on top of the cereal, porridge, rice, crackers and what nots he consumes a day (he's a rather big eater, my Zayd). Needless to say, at almost 1 year post-delivery, I am still pumping like mad to ensure that he has enough to go by. He can now stand unsupported for about 5 seconds before he plops butt down on the floor, and that's about the only time you will catch him standing still, because but he is otherwise VERY mobile and does not know how to 'duduk diam' haha!

Enough updates for now. Will write again when I find the time soon :)


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