Saturday, July 13, 2013

Puasa Equals Raya

This is the logic of puasa as Aisyah sees it at the moment. I didn't correct her too much, mainly because I don't want to overwhelm her, since this is the first time she's heard of puasa, or fasting. Masa kat UK dia x pernah sedar pon kitaorg posa, walaupon punya la lama kitaorg posa di musim summer itu (19 jam sehari)  :P

So dlm bbrp entry lps I wrote that she woke up for sahur. She was excited the whole day, sbb dia posa. Indeed, dia managed half day without eating or drinking. All the while dkt school dia posa, and she was very proud of her achievement, good on her. Balik rumah tghari my Mom prodded her to eat a bit, which she did, but just some snakcs from her packed lunch and water. Then dia sambung posa lg, sampai la waktu berbuka. I was amazed, but at the same time agak nervous takut too much strain on her poor body. But Alhamdulillah, she was fine. Her appetite increased masa berbuka, which was superb. Dia yg dulu2 lg hadap meja tggu azan and mkn nasi sampai abis sepinggan. Selalunya susah jg nak suh dia abiskan nasi. We also made sure dia minum byk2, and she didn't protest. All went very well.

Then she had this conversation with her Dad.

Aisyah: Ayah, hari ni Kakak puasa

Ayah: I know, bagus anak ayah ni. Esok Kakak nak posa lg tak?

Aisyah: Esok Kakak nak raya

Ayah: Eh, esok belum raya

Aisyah: Tapi Kakak dah posa dah hari ni

Ayah: Kakak, kita kena posa 30 hari baru hari raya

Aisyah: TIGA PULUH HARI?!! No, Kakak tanak posa esok.

Poor soul. You should see the horrified look on her face bila dgr kena posa 30 hari. Terus sentap x nak posa dah esoknya. Tu la, dia duk dgr org ckp sapa x posa x leh raya. So pada logik akal dia, dia dah posa, so dah patut raya dah dia huhu.

Anyway, budak2 cpt lupa. Esoknya dia posa lg. Half day jgk. Basically kat sekolah dia x makan, although ada waktu rehat still, and aku tetaplah bekalkan dia food dari umah, and in fact ada je budak2 lain yg mkn. Either dia malu or dia very determined. Budak2 skang awal betul start aware psl posa ni. Aku darjah 2 baru la tau apa itu posa, and posa half day kat sekolah. Darjah 3 baru la posa full day.

My daughter yg kesukaan dah ingat bole raya. Agaknya feeling dia mcm ni.

PS: Note she is speaking in Malay now. Kalo nak dgr dia ckp english, kena prompt sket, e.g. tanya the question or start the conversation in english. The accent is still there, and sometimes bila dia struggle to find words in malay, dia still guna english. Paling cute kalo dia nak marah (usually dkt cousin Ammar dia yg also duduk umah my Mom - tempat Aisyah transit after school). Kalo Ammar kacau and Aisyah nak marah sgt, mmg dia marah prom preng prom preng dlm english, walhal sblm ni elok je ckp BM.

PS2: Aisyah menari2 tu in a parked car. I was not driving, nor was I the driver. We were waiting for my mom and my aunt pegi melawat sedara tak sihat kat hospital, and children were not allowed in, so I was stuck with them in the car. Memandangkan dah tghari, the kids started to get impatient from the heat and waiting, so I moved everyone from the backseat pegi depan, and plonked Zayd on the passenger seat as I started the engine and blasted the airconditioner on. Around the same time Aisyah found the button for the radio and put that on too. She started doing these funky moves immediately after, which was unexpected. lucky I had my camera with me. Oh kalo nak buat mcm ni with the engine running and children with you, kena lock the car, you can never be too careful these days :(



Mama Zharfan said...

cutenya baca entry psl aisyah ni hehehe

Ayin Mm said...

comel sangay Aisyah... huhuuu mmg sentap la, dapat tau kena puasa sebulan. Anak akak Arman (6) pun sama, mula2 berkobar nak puasa, dua hari jer sahur, lepas tu dah tak sahur, tengah hari balik sekolah berbuka. hehe