Sunday, December 16, 2012

Playing With Fire

Remember Aisyah's Circus Club? Last week we didn't go since she was down with the winter bug, so imagine our shock when this week, we discovered that the children were to train to twirl a baton, with FIRE!!!

It was really exciting, I must say!!! Aisyah was at first quite reserved, but after awhile, she warmed up to the idea (hehe get it, warmed up?). Due to safety reasons, the training was done outside in the school playground, but coats must be taken off. It really was cold but I guess the adrenaline kept us pumped up. These are some pics and videos of the training.


Oh, it goes without saying, 'Don' try this at home'. This 'stunt' had been performed under professional circus trainers for children, and high safety precautions were taken (extinguishers, no flammable clothes on children). Remember, if the worst happens, 'Stop, Drop and Roll' (Stop what you're doing, Drop what you're holding, and Roll on the floor). This is explained in this video below:



Mama Zharfan284 said...

memang superb ;)

Ayu azmir said...

wah... macam macam aisyah dpat belajar kat sane...

Oyis said...

MZ: hok budak2 buat biasa2 je. tgk trainer dia buat, mmg ternganga2 kagum jgk la hehe

ayu azmir: tu la bg je dia masuk kelab2 ni. sementara ada peluang before balik msia

Oyis said...
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