Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Run Again

Went running on Sunday. The regime had to be interrupted a bit, coz I needed to ganti posa the last few days. Days are getting longer, Subuh is already at 4.50 pg, and Maghrib at 7.50 mlm. Technically, fasting time is now longer than Malaysia, but still considered ok. In the winter, yes, the days are shorter, making it theoretically ideal to posa2 and all, but the weather was very harsh on the fasting and dehydrated body (it was cold and dry), not to mention betapa relunctantnya nak bgn bersahur dlm suhu minus2 itu. Summers are nice, but the days are too long and can get very hot. Like it or not, mmg posa in mid summer tahun ni (July/August), so whilst the days are still slightly shorter, baik habiskan posa itu now.

Anyways, back to running, I wish Plymouth wasn't as hilly, sbb I do not have enough stamina to run and climb up the hills at the same time. I never took much notice before, but EVERYWHERE in Plymouth sbnarnya ada inclination. Redah jo la. My strategy now is to run along downhill first if I can, choose the most scenic and longest route going downhill, before making my way uphill again. Tiap2 kali lari downhill, kata2 Mat Sake rings in my ears, 'golek ajo lah, tu pon slow jgk ko?', mocking me, who was undubiously last to reach everytime. I used to run together with a bunch of our mates ptg2 semasa zaman degree dulu. Good times.

Now, I always try to dodge to hill to steep, taking the longer way asal aje landai sket, so that I can run longer. If not, masa mendaki bukit tu mmg jln lenggang lenggok la jawab nya, cannot lari no more haha!

This time I ran through the older part of Plymouth. Some of the pics tu amik atas jejantas lg. Amazing how different a place transforms when you see it from a different angle, especially when you are high above. But would probably not take this route again. Too near the main road, byk hisap asap kereta, not good for the lungs lah, sucking in air like that.

Am thinking of entering a run event, just so that I am tuned in and more focused with running. This Half Marathon Race is held annually in Plymouth. But running 13 miles? er.. pengsan makkk. I don't think so.

Maybe this is more my thing. Plus all girls gitew....

5km orait la kan? Ke too ambitious? I wish my virtual running buddy ada di sini jg, leh run sama2. Wouldn't that be fun, Em?

Success is the good fortune that comes from aspiration, desperation, perspiration and inspiration.
-- Evan Esar

Inspiration and perspiration. Magnificent combo :)


MRM said...

5km ok la tu Oyis, tak jauh sgt. With all the beautiful sceneries along the way, most probably 5km tu tak terasa pun :D

Btw, my trainer pun dah few times suruh kita enroll for marathon, to keep the motivation going. Kita je la tak join2 lagi ni. Tunggu awak balik la, then boleh join marathon sama2!

yatie chomeyl said...

5km ok tu. ogeh lamo doh x buat kijo hungga hungg ani, tokde hehe

pearl said...

I cepat-cepat pulun habihkan ganti puasa sebelum tukar Jam ritu .. hehe

azzamoro said...

5km ok. haritu i yang takde stamina pun masuk larian 5km. tapi i jalan je la. keke. tapi penat nye mak aih. tidur sampai ke ptg. :P

Oyis said...

mrm: omg, awak ada trainer ke? wow! kita kalo balik masuk pon suka2 je ni. nombor corot most likely, sbb lari sesuka hati, no proper training pon :P

yatie: yatie x po la kurus sokmo doh. sayo ni naik supo di pam2, x leh x wat gapo doh, kronik

pearl: tu la, x sempat plak nak buat itu hari. kalo x, x de la sahur kena awal pg sgt kan mcm skang? (4.45 am dah subuh ni, aduhai). i will only get sooner, so kejo yop kejo...!

Oyis said...

azza: that's my plan. sbb yg ni mcm fun run je kan, so mesti ramai yg jalan kaki je in the end, x la malu sgt. kalo yg half marathon tu, mmg event utk serious runner. maluuu!

Diya's Look Book! said...

noris! i kept thinking the same thing, wouldnt it be nice to have you running with me, so takdelah bosan sangat kan? hehehe.. btw chaiyok lah nak enter half a marathon!! you can do it!!

MRM said...

Oops, jangan salah sangka, bukan trainer untuk lari marathon ya :P Trainer for weight training kat gym je, sebab nak harapkan diri sendiri buat weight training, tak terbuat2 :D

Oyis said...

i dont think i'm up for the half marathon la emma. ambition ado, stamina non ado hahaha. i MIGHT try the 5km fun run, but that's still a huge MIGHT heheheh...!

x kisah la, at least u know u r exercizing properly. wow weight training on top of ur staple regime? hebat tu. i know i should do cardio and weights together, tp could not find the time. i think for weights u really need to be in a gym kot, or invest lebih sket sbb kena beli dumb bells and add weights as time progresses. but for proper machines utk hips, buttocks, chest, mesti masuk gym punya kan