Tuesday, April 19, 2011

No More Woops!

Tiada lagi woops woops accident... Alhamdulillah, I can safely say Aisyah has mastered the art of potty. Kalo tido malam pon bole bgn, gi shopping pon biznes bole berjalan spt biasa, gi umah org pon x kekok di toilet, asal aje kita usung training seat dia tu with us. So glad x ajar dia pakai portable potty, kalo x lg besar mengusung benda gedabak tu ke hulu ke hilir. Kat nursery pon carer dia bg positif remarks everytime. Ni compare 2 weeks ago dgn last week.

No more accidents, see? Well done Aisyah. We are so proud of you!!!

PS: Not so proud of myself though. Just received an email from a conference I submitted bac in January. One paper got rejected, and the other downgraded and accepted as poster. Blurgh. Wonder if they'll still fund me this time, hmmm...?

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