Sunday, April 17, 2011

Heap Loads of Running Pics

I went running today. Gmbr last running session pon ada amik jgk, tp x sempat2 nak upload and share from last week, so skali kan aje lah dalam this post. Last week I went running on the flattest route I could find. It took me all the way to St Judes. I was pretty chuffed about being able to run non-stop all the way there (~ 1 mile one way), only to get bad stomach cramps on my way back plak. Lactic acid must have set in... Frust sungguh! Mcm mana nak lari 5 km ni, 1 batu pon dah sakit perut!?!

But I still enjoyed the run very much, especially area St Judes ni is very dear to me - I had spent the 1st one month living here, masa mula sampai Plymouth, menumpang rumah member yg dah pon balik Msia. Made me think how much time has passed, and life has progressed. Several parts of the town that I thought was intersting included the old Mews, an old pub named 'Trafalgar', established in 1897), a building with the sign 'The Working Mens' Reading Room' encrypted on its stone, dated 1800s (zaman dulu nak membaca pon kena ada berjemaah ke? Ikut gender mcm nak solat plak :P) and a firework factory. Weih, ada ye di sini? Di celah2 rumah org plak tu, scary shit la. I find them all interesting bcoz these buildings have managed to survive two world wars, and masih megah berdiri, and lebih menarik lg, these are all within walking distance aje. Actually, hari2 nak lalu utk gi Uni pon bole, but I never did sbb kejar masa and take the main road, which is quite bosan actually. I'm glad I 'discovered' them before balik Msia...

This week, enticed by the landai-ness of last session's run, I took the same path, but I got a little too ambitious and sedar x sedar dah sampai the sea front, omak ko! Best betul jogging tepi laut sbb cuaca hari ni mmg cerah betul. That early in the morning, mmg refreshing betul lalu sana. X la jauh mana pon, add another 10-15 minutes on top of my last run je. Suka tgk boats and yacht org dah started sailing in and out of the harbour. Masa ni la nak tgk kereta2 mahal (convertibles manjang) and skodeng2 condo org kaya tepi laut tu, yg baru2 nak bgn ahli rumahnya. The sea is one thing I will miss most bila dah balik Msia nanti. Tp x leh lari laju sgt kat tepi laut ni, sbb jalannya adalah cobbled, silap2 bole tergelencos kata org Klate (tergelincir), naya je kang kalo tergeliat buku lali.
What I love most about running on a Sunday morning is the sight, smell and sound whilst running. You smell their coffee and Sunday breakfast drifting out the window masa lalu celah2 rumah org, you see people in their pyjamas baru bukak langsir and tingkap rumah diorg, coffee in hand, you hear the church bells ringing in the background. Now I know what Leo Babauta's been talking about the priviledged feeling of being up before the rest of the world does :)


yatie chomeyl said...

lamo doh x jongging2 ni. sbb hari2 exercise panjat tanggo sampai tingkat 5 rumoh, jadi malas sgt nok jogging..turun naik tanggo pung peluh doh hahaha

Oyis said...

yatie: fuyyyooo... tingkat 5 tuh! saya naik opis tingkat 2 pon mengah2... tp sejak jogging ni Alhamdulillah, lebih fitter la rasanya, x la out of breath lps naik tgga tu. kalo tolak stroller jauh2 naik bukit pon dah x terasa sgt lelah tu, so nmpk perubahan positif jgk la. x kira la exercise gapo pon, asal saja keluar peluh dan menyihat kan, dok?