Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Model Cilik?

I had just written a post on Aisyah (and the rest of the Reception Year students in ALL of Plymouth) being published in the Plymouth Herald yesterday, and not long afterwards, I found that out that Aisyah did, in fact, made the story in last week's news in the Plymouth Herald again covering the Halloween craft session we attended at the museum last week. I think we might have missed the actual newspaper, but luckily, it's still online, so here is a snapshot of it: 

Full story can be read here

Oh, and I pon masuk sipi2 tau. Baju jalur2 pink and plum sebelah Aisyah tu sapa lg kalo bukan yours truly. Ahem... ke mana tumpahnya kuah kalo bukan ke nasi hihi .. kasi chance Mummy perasan sket :P 



isabelle frankly said...

hehehe.jadi la sipi pun, kan?
btw, i read the news..nape dia citer psl Sarah Williams je? cetttt

yatie chomeyl said...

oyis senyum ke dop maso photographer tu snap gmbr tu? ekekkeke

Oyis said...

isabelle: haha, i x tau pon dia ada interview budak2. rasanya older children kot yg dia interview, sbb dgn aisyah dia mintak izin nak amik gmbr je hehehe

yatie: oh mujur la ore x senyum. wat lolok busy. kalo x sungguh la obvious perasan sendiri2 padahal last2 keno cantas pon!