Sunday, November 4, 2012

Funny Bones

Pejam celik, pejam celik, dah masuk pon November. Dan esok, Monday, Aisyah dah kembali ke sekolah utk separuh kedua Autumn/Winter Term. Makanya, bermula la kembali rutin mlm ni sperti minggu2 sblm nya, revision with Aisyah, menggosok baju sekolah dia, early dinner, early bed, and then early rise, shower, preparing packed lunch.. blah blah...

Before all that starts, I would like to post a few pictures of the activities we did during the break that I didn't managed to put up. First up, craft at the library. Again, the theme was Funny Bones, being it near Halloween and all at the time. The first activity involved cutting all the bones and sticking them up together to make a Skeleton (which Aisyah thought was a 'scarecrow' - kekonfiusan di situ). Then it was a little puzzle, and since Aisyah has started to read, she was able to match the words to the pictures herself, which I was quite proud of. And she did her first crossword puzzle with me as well whilst there (among the activities prepared for the children). I had underestimated her, ingatkan belum cukup umur lg, but she found it 'happening'.

Also, since it was Halloween Week, rata2 around town we saw ghouls walking amongst us, like below. We were actually watching the Fire Breathing/Eating Man doing his stunts, but they were corpses pusing2 around just to scare people when we weren't watching hehe..


isabelle frankly said...

happeningnyaaa. jeles i tau.
kat sini, halloween baru je 'in' since the past few yrs

Oyis said...

isabelle: sini pon x semeriah USA, tp sbb Plymouth area omputih, bole la... ada jgk celebration sket2. cuma x nmpk la budak2 berkeliaran kat atas jln with costumes going trick or treating tu, mungkin sbb kitaorg duk area student housing. kalo pergi suburbs sket mungkin ada