Thursday, May 22, 2008

What's the Non-Posh Word for Pelvic Pain?

I am in pain.

I have my shares of pregnancy-related pain throughout the 34 weeks of gestating, but this, by far is the worst pain I've felt so far. And it's difficult to describe the pain to anyone else coz it's someplace down south. I can't walk without looking funny, I can't sleep without wincing in pain and when I finally found a comfy spot, I can't get up from the bed without yelping.

Yup, people, the fancy name for it is Pelvic Pain, where it's a sign that my ligaments are loosening up to allow for birth. But I just call it 'Sakit P*pet'.

Really. I do.

I stumbled across a pregnancy board discussing this topic and I owe it to these women for describing just exactly what it feels like.

'...In my vagina it feels like both the muscles and the bones are hurting like hell. And sometimes it hurts so bad that I can barely walk...'

'...I, too, am having this pelvic pressure. I so want this baby out. I can barely walk. It's also really bad at night when I've been laying down and go to get up. It's just so sore and achey...'

'...I can completely relate to the night pain too... Its so brutal...'

'...My pelvic hurts BAD, especially when walking. It feels like my vagina is broken...'

'...I've had the same problem ladies... walking like i'm 100 years old, thinking I was going to crack in half and that something was wrong... '

The best description goes to this one here,

' sorry this may come out weird but its the only way to describe it...but it feels like someone punched me over and over and over and over directly on my vagina...'

So true!

But personally, I would describe it as,

'... like someone mashed the muscle of my vagina and banged a sledgehammer right there again and again and again ... '


I'm thankful to Allah coz my body is actually doing what it is supposed to do now, which is to prepare itself for birth. I'm also glad that I'm not the only one going through this. Hang in there, not long to go now!

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