Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Broken Ship I Craved For!

This afternoon I was chatting away with Sake. At first it was about updates on our lives as usual, then we started chatting, or rather I turned the conversation into another one of those exclusive labour and delivery interview with him. Hehehehe...

Sake is one of the guys that you really can talk about anything with ease, and this topic was no exception. It really did help BIG time that he has a wonderful wife who had just given birth to a healthy son last February. So he, in many ways, knows or at least has seen more about the going ons in the ever-so-secret procedures that take place behind the door of a labour room. And they chose to have their baby at HPAN, another reason why I took the opportunity to aqueeze all the juice from him, so that I'd prepare myself with as much information as possible.

The conversation went from contractions, to epidural, to urine cathether, to episiotomy, to episiotomy suture, to ahem... Implanon. Wow... this guys knows it all good, doesn't he? I'm lucky to have such an open-minded and well-informed guy friend. Really, all father-to-be should know these information at their fingertips already.

Okay, so Implanon was not really something I would think about in the near future. But what I was thinking was a dish called 'Broken Ship' (Perahu Pecah) for quite awhile now. I'd kept hinting that I wanted to go Malee's but everyone including my husband was too busy to entertain me :(

But finally last night, I got what I craved for. Never mind that it wasn't at Malee's. We went to Soho instead because it was too late already (9.30 p.m.) and Hubs was hesitant to make the long drive to Kajang. Ahhh... the part and parcel of being 8 and a half months preggo. Even Kajang is considered a long distance drive away now.

Anyway, we were late bcoz Hubs went to the DIY store first to get some cleaning stuff for the house (seriously). When we got to Soho, the place was still packed, but the majority had eaten, so we got our orders fast.

One look at our table and one would've guessed that we were dining for four. Which wouldn't have been a far off guess. There were three of of us... Hehehe... We had the RM16 Perahu Pecah that I so 'ngidam'ed, Udang Celup Tepung, Telur Dadar, Sate, ABC and drinks. Tak bersisa plak tu...

Yum, yum... Alhamdulillah Syukur Nikmat....

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