Thursday, May 29, 2008

H&H 9 Months!

I have great news.

I know at least three people who have just found that they are expecting, and all of them are currently around five weeks pregnant! Congratulations to them!!! Babydust abound!!!

It felt like it was light years ago that I first saw those double lines. With less than five weeks to the due date myself, a lot of people have come up to me and say, ‘It feels like you’ve been pregnant, like, forever!’

Although slightly annoying to hear it coming from someone who could almost pass as a total stranger, (i.e. people whom you see everyday, say at work, but know next to nothing about you), I do think that this is only normal. Nine months doesn’t go by overnight. Heck, it’s only a few days short of a full year, and a lot does go on in a year.

I remember when my good friend Fadhlina was pregnant with her dear daughter, Azri had remarked the same thing to her. Something along the line of, ‘Ko ni asyik 6 bulan setengah je, bila nak bersalin ni? Ko rasa lama x mengandung ni?’, to which she replied, ‘Lama giler!’, or something along that line, if my memory serves me right.

In my experience, the first few weeks moved really slowly. Especially when the nausea and fatigue set in and there was nothing much you could do about it.

But I hope that they don't worry too much and enjoy their journey to baby. Things really do get better and time really will fly fast very soon. I am so happy for all my friends and wish them all a healthy and happy 9 months (H&H9Mo).

Just remember to keep us posted!


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