Sunday, April 28, 2013

Quiet Sunday In

We're spending our quiet Sunday indoors today. Wish I could say I had a nice lie-in until 10-11 am, but no, it started early mcm hari2 lain jgk today. Pumping routine maa... then lps tu basuh pump, sterilize equipments, mkn breakfast (sorg, org lain tido lg), mandi, and sempat plak buat kerja yg mana deadline nya mid May ni. Around 9.30-ish, adik, kakak pun bgn and of coz rutin memandikan budak2 ni plak. My SIL is living with us at the mo plak dah masak nasi goreng for breakfast, so we then all went down for breakfast after. That's pretty much our morning lah.

Now dah afternoon, Zayd is down for a nap in his cot. Kakak Aisyah is terkial2 nak amuse herself without making much noise, Hubs pun mcm Zayd, napping. Me? I need to get this work done. Oh there's azan Zuhur. Best go now.

Have a nice Sunday (or what's left of it!)


CeqGu said...

noris dah balik rumah sendiri ke?

noris said...

a ah. jemputlah dtg :)