Sunday, January 20, 2008

Syura Did A Norjuma

Oh My God! I am so appalled when I read this. I know it’s old news, but when I stumbled upon it online today, I was fuming. How dare these people make fun of pregnant women like that. It’s one thing to mock Syura’s weight gain (due to her pregnancy, of course), but it’s another thing to actually dub Datin Norjuma something outrageous like that. Like it’s become a trademark or something.

It’s bad enough that these women have to endure so many things during their pregnancy; from morning sickness, to sleeping discomforts, to swollen ankles, etc, and now this? Childish name-calling too?

I know they’re celebrities and they are easy targets for this kind of thing. But this is really immature. And I bet the person who posted this nasty piece on the Net is either never pregnant (most likely a man), or a real jack a$$.

At least Datin Norjuma has the means to lose all those weight and look fantastic afterwards. I wonder if the name caller would have the same amount of moo-lah to do the same had it been his wife /herself who gained the baby weight? I bet not, with that kind of mentality potrayed. Huff…

Yes, we pregnant women feel for one other and we stick to together like a bird to a feather. Cubit peha kanan peha kiri terasa juga. X percaya? Just visit any pregnancy boards and you’ll definitely know what I mean.

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