Wednesday, January 2, 2008

A New Optimism

Sedikit update on my CB application. I submitted my forms in, along with a formal appeal letter asking the Registrar to reconsider my application. I pray that a new quota opens up, at least a few more for the second half of this new year. Though not hoping too much, I will not giving up. It’s worth a shot.

After a discussion with my Dean, it had seemed wise for me to apply at another Uni in another country altogether, say Australia or New Zealand. I’d originally thought it was pointless to only begin scouting for places now, considering there’s less than 7 places open for Aus/NZ quota. But I don’t want my baby to see me as a quitter, and I promise myself to grab whatever chance may come my way. So yes, we are back to Square … Zero. This time, with added optimism.

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