Wednesday, January 2, 2008

1st Quickening

Dalam ke’frust’an yg berlaku 2 hari lps, masih ada event yg mampu membuatkan aku ceria kembali. Ya tuan2 dan puan2, today, for the first time, I got to experience my 1st quickening! And only at 14 weeks!

Aku dah lama dah syak rasa yg seakan-akan angin tu my baby moving, tp aku rasa cam terlalu awal la plak for me to be able to detect it. But the fact that I’ve seen my baby moving on last week’s ultrasound convinced me even more that this isn’t just imaginary or wishful thinking. May be because this pregnancy is technically not my first, so aku dpt rasa lebih awal, or maybe I’m just really in tune with my sensitive body. Whatever pon, it got me really, really excited.

For a while it felt like just bubbly gas. The only weird thing was that I never normally have gas that far down in the abdomen. It is kinda easy to detect, coz angin yg biasa2 tu rasa kat perut, usually followed by some kind of churning sound. But this one happens lower, dekat2 area uterus gitu.

And today, when I felt the ‘gassy’ movements again, I gave my tummy a gentle press with my right hand, and guess what?! It retaliated from the inside!! Oh my God!!! Subhanallah… Sungguh, ini bkn angin, kerana angin will just go with the flow but this one melawan balik as if to say, ‘apa cucuk2 org ni?’.

I don’t know how to describe it exactly. You really just have to feel it to know what I mean. Apa pon, I am truly happy of this new development and can’t wait to feel my baby’s very first kick. It certainly took away all my sorrow thoughts on that CB application.

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