Friday, November 2, 2007

A Little Scare

I had my first pregnancy scare last night.

I was sound asleep in a room shared with Hubs in my Mom's house when suddenly I woke up feeling the worst kind of stomach ache. It came and went every five minutes or so, and when I couldn't hold it any longer, I went straight to the bathroom. The pain got worst by the minute, but nothing was coming out. I felt like I really could just double over and lay sprawl on the bathroom floor. I was shaking and sweating all at the same time.

The pain refused to go away after an agonizing half hour went by. I kept thinking the worst possible thoughts, and kept praying to Allah to please let it it not be true. Tears were streaming down my cheeks, not from the pain, but from utter fear and helplessness.

A few minutes later I puked. And something came out not long after thorugh the back door. I was having a nasty stomach flu. That was all. A stomach flu. Thank God, Syukur Alhamdulillah...

Although the uncomfortable feeling lasted until morning, I was so relieved I didn't even mind. In the light of the day it seems so silly to be paranoid over the whole thing, but, I've heard of stories where first time mother usual mistakens labour or pre-term labour pain with diarrhea, so it was only natural for me to react so, don't you think so?

I'm just glad it was what it was.

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