Tuesday, February 17, 2015

New Year, New Beginnings

Aren't we blessed to be Malaysians? So many new years to celebrate! Tahun Baru Masihi, Tahun Baru Hijri, and soon, Tahun Baru Cina. The new semester will also begin right after CNY, which means I have less than a week before it starts getting busier once more. Oh no!!!

Glad that this new semester will bring something new to me as well. I will be teaching a new course I always have taught new courses EVERY semesterm (I just seem to be getting a new one each time), but this semester I will be a taught a different field, away from audio processing, away from creative design. It's Human-Computer Interaction. Not totally off, as in my PhD there were certain HCI elements included, especially in the listening test involving human listeners as participants, so I am excited. Oh, I always get excited about teaching, although like I've previously written before, sometimes being enthusiastic in teaching is just not worth the time and effort. But I tend to forget that every semester, at my own expense, unfortunately :P

Ok, enough with the depressing talk. Here's some more uplifting new beginnings. Went to visit a colleague of mine who had just delivered a baby boy. Ohhhh.... how precious. I, of course, went goo goo gah gah over babies. I do love babies but my husband reckons I have very little patience with them (not everything he thinks is right though, mind you). Anyway, I left Ida's house and baby Muhammad Ammar Al-Fateh feeling like I want to take home one too... hehee... *dasar x sedar diri*

But so sweet kan? kan? kan?

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