Wednesday, February 11, 2015


Just a quick one - putting up something about the kids in this post. The theme today - concentration. These kids don't normally stay quiet on any one activities, but when they are, the sheer concentration is fierce. Just look at Kakak doing her Bahasa Melayu homework. And then Zayd. Tgk tab pun mcm study nak jwb calculation maths. Yes, dik, find X. Heheh...

I don't normally get the luxury of monitoring Aisyah's work at school, mostly because her school has a locker where every student leaves their books in school when there's no homework to take home. I can work with her on other supplemetary books which we personally bought, but not the ones she did at school before they're not taken home. This means that I can make an educated guess of what Aisyah does at school based on our conversation or looking up the syllabus online. So when she does bring back homework, I check it out like a hawk haha. Happy to report that last week, her teacher marked her an A, and remarked her work as 'Baik. Tulisan kemas'. For someone yg mmg x suka prektis writing kat rumah, this comes as a shock. But in a good way, Alhamdulillah!

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