Thursday, July 3, 2014

Quiet Lil Birthday 'Do

I really suck at updating lately. But at least I'm trying. The universe has aligned itself tonight, and I get a quite moment. See these pics below? To my right, Zayd is busying himself 'reading', whilst to my right, Big Sis Aisyah is doing some proper reading and writing exercise. Thus, no screaming (from me nor the children!), no crying, no chasing around naked baby... Just peace and quiet... If I were to record tonight on video, all you can hear is the sound of the airconditioner humming in the background, I'm not kidding!

Ok I wanted to share some pics from Aisyah's birthday last June. She turned 6 on the 17th. On the day itself, she took goody bags to give away to her friends at school. She was beyond excited! 

Then at night we went out to celebrate at Grills. Everyone ordered either pasta or steaks, which was followed by ice creams. OMG, my kids really do go wild at all the sugar rush, as evidently seen in the final two pics!

Happy belated birthday, my darling daughter Aisyah. I really just couldn't believe you're six already. She was very mature about not celebrating it big and was really nonchalant about us giving her birthday presents later than her actual birthday. I guess we've done right somewhere in parenting her - materials aren't everything, but family is. May you be under Allah's blessings always, chocolate bunny!

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