Friday, January 18, 2013

Parting Party?

Kalo ikutkan hati, I wanted to do something special for Aisyah's leaving 'do with several of her close friends at school. Something cool like buat a parting party ke, outing ke. Tp telek2 poket kalendar, mcm x cukup duit masa la plak. But wouldn't be just so nice? One last chance utk dia mengukir memori bersama kawan2? (ni siapa yg terlebih sebak ni x tahu la, budak ke, mak budak).

Anyway, I'm just glad that whilst she was here, she made some good friends, and was included in many celebrations. Amongst the most memorable would have to be Julia's Birthday party late last year, celebrated at the Drake's Den Soft Play Area. Julia ni kawan baik Aisyah masa nursery, and altho they went to different Primary Schools afterwards, her Mom wanted us to come. The party consisted of 20 or so children, and it was fun and well-organised.

The grown ups had fun too. In fact, ni ajo lah my Mummy friends yg rapat. Other mothers seem to bond well and very chummy over the school playground, tp aku mcm x sempat nak mesra sgt. Sbb utama, I was always rushing to Uni in the morning, and  dashing like mad, always out of breath, from Uni at pickup. I didn't have the luxury of gossiping 10-15 minutes at the school gate like many mothers do, or volunteering at any school events, much less taking an active roll in the Parent-Student Association meetings (shame on me!). How I wish I could be active you know. Mmg men-jeles-kan, tgk ibu2 lain after pick up beramai2 berjanji2 bwk anak2 swimming, or to the museum, or for play dates over coffee. Aku? terkocoh2 amik anak, then bg dia mkn, sambil2 masak for dinner, all the while anxiously menunggu Hubs balik kerja so that I can swap child care with him and sambung study. Such was the life. But I don't think Aisyah suffered, coz other than at school, she is always with either one or both of her parents. And one things for sure, I never, ever missed reading/homework time with her. Busy mcm mana, sakit mcm mana pon mummy dia, homework time is exclusively put aside. So is bed time reading session. 

Ok, pjg plak merepek. Sbnarnya emo sket ni sbb brp tahun punya pent up ni. As I said earlier, here are some pictures of Aisyah and her friends at Julia's party. First diorg bg dlm an hour kot free play dulu dkt soft play area tu. Then budak2 diajak masuk bilik party, and it was time to blow the candle on the cake (for the bday girl la kan) Then mkn2. Very light je hidangan dia, air juice, crisps, chips, cucumbers, sandwiches, sausages (of coz I had to eye her like a hawk, sbb x semua benda dia bole mkn kan). Then the kiddos were given a choice of dessert, Aisyah had ice cream. Finally ada games like pass the parcel, disco2 dan standard games lain. Aisyah menang runner up on one of the games so dia ada dpt hadiah. Actually, in the end semua budak2 bwk balik party pack, ada sweets, crayons, balloon, etc. Msia pon ada all this, and maybe the food a bit more heavy and fancy pon, but still, it was her first party with school friends, so... She had been invited to another party previously in nursery, but she was unwell so I had to call the bday girl's (Maisy) mom and cancelled. Apapon, adala satu buat kenangan kan...



S.U.F.E.E.N.A.N said...

Owh tak sanggup nk baca entri ini sepenuhnya..dan dan sebak!*teringat the same moment masa ainan nk tinggalkan kawan2nya di norwich..sedih yg mencengkam!

Oyis said...

mmg sedih kan kak? huhu... but as they say, life must go on

isabelle frankly said...

i tabik spring lah dgn u yg juggle all the responsibilities very well.
syabbash mere betti