Friday, January 11, 2013

Heavy Heart

With a heavy heart we let the teachers at Aisyah's school know of our moving back to Msia. Sedih tu of course la sedih, but sooner or later, I knew the day was bound to come, just that it felt like it came too soon *sigh*

The teachers were all very understanding, and said they'll miss Aisyah terribly as Aisyah has been attending for almost 2 years now at the school since Nursery class. She was a quiet little thing when we first started, skang dah bertukar menjadi a bubbly little thing, the 'star' of the class kalo ikut cikgu dia td (org British ni kuat memuji, jgn x tahu, so maybe ikhlas maybe tak statement ni, tp aku think positive je la kan ehehe).And also cikgu dia promise the next few weeks, they'll make sure Aisyah will have a party of a time at school.

Sempena itu, aku pon nak tampal a few bits and bobs yg Aisyah bwk balik since before Xmas break hari tu, tp aku malas nak update sblm ni. Utk pemindahan ni, aku mintak cikgu dia prepare report or whatever progress diary Aisyah yg ada dlm simpanan aku nakkan a copy utk bawak balik. Lain2 art work aku dah shipping balik Msia hari tu.

Here are some Xmas cards that Aisyah got. Ada yg siap bagi candy cane and chewy stuff, tp aku buang aje, but it's the thought that counts kan.

Here are the cards Aisyah made for me.

And here is the present from the teachers to the parents. Gambar anak2 sendiri with such sweet poem. Gmbr Aisyah ni was taken by her class teacher on the 1st day of school last Autumn term.

Ni plak list nama budak2 dlm kelas dia. In a few years, will she still remember any of them? *cue Kopratasa 'Masihkah Kau Ingat'*


Mama Zharfan said...

zharfan dh lupa nama kwn2 dia dia masih ingat all the sweet memories kat school kat UK

CeqGu said...

Hurmmm.....mesti aisyah sedih nak tinggal kawan2 dia