Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Girls' Day Out

The girls from my office all took leave (applied in advance) one Monday in the month of January. All of us synced our leave that it left our Head of Department a little puzzled wondering of there was anything he was missing out. Yeah, our Girls' Day Out, that's what tee hee.

So we started the day with our brunch at Dotty's, and of course, the girls made a beeline for the infamous Salted Egg Yolk Cronut. In case you are wondering what a cronut is, it is a dessert in the shape of a donut, but made from a croissant-like pastry. The salted egg yolk is the 'frosting' that goes on the donut, much like salted caramel (sweet and salty). I'm not too crazy of sweet desserts (the sugar goes straight to my brain and I get a headache almost instantly), but the main menu was great. We ordered lamb stew, salted agg yolk pasta, wild mushroom sandwich with fries.

The next activity we did was - SHOPPING. It's kinda sad that we'd rather go shopping than hiking or rock climbing, or paintballing, or at least bowling (these were some of the valid suggestions we came up with). But we all went shopping instead. We kinda did actually need to take leave to shop for clothes and other womenly stuff, as work and family took a lot of time from us young moms to squeeze in clothes shopping in. Sad or not, last time I checked, everybody was happy by the end of the day, so a happy girls' day out indeed it was.  Encore!

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